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Mastering the Technique of Verticutting Greens

Well-maintained golf greens are the heart and soul of any exceptional golf course. Pristine greens not only enhance the visual appeal of the course, but also provide a superior playing surface that challenges and delights golfers of all levels. But did you know there’s one golf green maintenance technique that can take your fairway from average to amazing?

Enter the marvel of verticutting greens! Verticutting involves using specialized equipment to make vertical cuts into the turf, resulting in a range of benefits that will leave you and your golfers impressed. In this blog we’ll show you how verticutting can help you maintain a healthier, more resilient playing surface and provide tips that will have you verticutting golf greens like a pro!

Ready to explore the world of professional verticutters to enhance your green maintenance? The experts at Turftime Equipment are here to help!


Enhance Your Golf Green Maintenance Routine with Verticutting

rider using verticutter for green maintenance

Verticutting golf greens with the best verticutter is like giving your greens a precision haircut that paves the way for better turf resilience. Here are just 4 reasons verticutting greens can enhance your maintenance routine for a more pure and playable golf course. 

  1. Thatch Control: Over time, thatch, a layer of dead grass and organic debris, accumulates on your greens. This impedes water drainage, nutrient absorption, and airflow, leading to a lackluster playing surface. Verticutting golf greens helps manage thatch by gently removing the excess and allowing your greens to breathe freely. Check out our blog on Dethatching Grass to learn more.
  2. Improved Turf Health: By creating vertical cuts, verticutting encourages lateral growth and the development of denser turf. Plus, verticutting greens creates a healthier root system, better resistance to diseases, and a vibrant green carpet that’s a joy to putt on.
  3. Enhanced Ball Roll: Uneven greens can quickly turn a promising putt into a frustrating experience. Verticutting golf greens helps level the playing field, literally! By reducing surface imperfections, such as grain and unevenness, golfers will experience truer and more consistent ball roll, making every putt a fair challenge.
  4. Increased Green Speed: Verticutting greens promotes faster green speeds by minimizing surface resistance. Say hello to greens that provide that extra zip of excitement while maintaining their overall playability.


Verticutting Golf Greens Like a Pro

close up of verticutter used on golf green

Now that you understand the value of verticutting greens, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Follow these steps and you’ll be verticutting like a pro in no time!

  1. Choose the Right Equipment: At Turftime Equipment, we offer a range of high-quality verticutters, also known as vertical lawn mowers, designed specifically for golf green maintenance. Select the one that suits your needs, ensuring sharp and well-adjusted blades for optimal performance. Need help finding the best verticutter for golf green maintenance on your course? Talk to the experts at TurfTime Equipment!
  2. Timing is Key: Plan your verticutting sessions during the growing seasons, typically in spring and fall, when the turf can recover without becoming stressed. Keep in mind that specific grass species and local climate can affect the ideal timing.
  3. Adjust the Cutting Height: Set the cutting height of your vertical lawn mower according to your desired depth of cutting. Remember, finding the sweet spot between thatch removal and turf stress is the key to success. If the turf is thick, hindering proper water and nutrient movement, use a more aggressive approach when verticutting greens. If the thatch layer is thin, a lighter touch will help you strike the perfect balance.
  4. Mow First, Then Verticut: Start by mowing your greens at the appropriate height. Once that’s done, make a pass with your verticutter, ensuring complete coverage without overdoing it. Be systematic and consistent in your approach for the best results.
  5. Post-Verticutting TLC: Clean up any debris and clippings from the surface of your greens. Consider topdressing lightly after verticutting greens to aid in recovery and water adequately to help the turf bounce back to its vibrant self.

Monitoring the response of the turf after verticutting greens is crucial. Observe how the grass recovers, paying attention to any signs of stress or slowed growth. Adjust your maintenance practices and the settings on your vertical lawn mower accordingly based on these observations. Remember, patience is key, as turf recovery may take some time.

While verticutting is an essential aspect of golf green maintenance, it’s just one piece of the puzzle. Implementing a comprehensive maintenance plan is essential to ensure your golf greens are in optimal condition year-round. Check out TurfTime Equipment’s Golf Course Maintenance Equipment Guide to find the best verticutters and turf equipment for your course.

Vertical Lawn Mowers from Turftime Equipment

verticutter performing greens maintenance

When it comes to verticutting greens, investing in the right equipment is key. Turftime Equipment has over a decade of proven experience helping turf professionals select the best verticutters, top dressers, aerators and more. Made in the USA and backed with a solid warranty our time-tested turf equipment is built to handle the rigors of your maintenance routine with performance you’ll appreciate for years to come.

Whether you need help deciding on the best verticutter or vertical lawn mower for your needs or want to upgrade the rest of your arsenal for a faster, easier maintenance routine, contact Turftime Equipment for service you can count on!

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