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GT-100 Towable Topdressers

GT-100 Topdresser: .75-yard hopper, 15-degree tilt spinners. Available in UTV Mount, Engine unit or Tractor Hydraulics.



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Become a Turf Boss Today With a Towable Topdresser

When you want to spread soil or compost on the surface of your residential or commercial lawn, you need a tough and efficient solution you can trust from the experts at TurfTime Equipment. The right tool can help you to get the job done right, quick, and hassle-free. The GT-100 from TurfTime is the towable topdresser you can count on for your lawn. Whether you need to manage a small backyard or a football field, a towable topdresser can take your quality of work to the next level. Ready to learn more about the GT-100 tow behind top dressing spreader? Keep reading to find out more pull behind topdressers or contact us now to connect with our team today!

How a GT-100 Pull Behind Spreader Can Boost Your Workflow

Pull behind spreaders from TurfTime equipment are just the solution you need to transform your truck into a premium topdressing machine.

This equipment can help you to work smarter, not harder in several key areas:

  • Perfect for space-saving tasks: The tow behind topdressing spreader is highly efficient and agile in smaller spaces for light duty or a heavy drop pattern.
  • Supports a range of materials: The towable topdresser allows you to spread wet or dry materials, including compost, sand, infield mix, and much more.
  • Provides excellent capacity: This pull behind topdressing spreader comes with a .75-yard capacity when operating at struck level and a 1-yard capacity when heaped. You can also count on it for extra capacity with optional sideboards to extra lighter materials.

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The GT-100 pull behind dresser from TurfTime Equipment helps you to check turf management tasks off your to-do list quick so that you can focus on the most important aspects of your home and business.


Get Your Five-Star Pull Behind Topdresser From TurfTime Today!

There’s nothing like having the right tool to make lawn management stress free. The pull behind topdresser from TurfTime is the perfect piece of equipment you need for turf management with competitive features like powerful hydraulics and a heavy drop pattern.

Located in Lancaster, PA, TurfTime Equipment is a one-stop-shop for everything you need for turf management. We offer everything from pull behind spreaders to turf aerators, verticutters and commercial dethatchers, and commercial turf rolling equipment. Whether you need a solution for your home’s lawn or a golf course, we can walk with you to find the perfect equipment.

Ready to become a turf boss with the GT-100 towable topdresser? You’ve come to the right place! Contact our team online now to find out more about the GT-100 pull behind spreader and other turf management options.


TurfTime Advantage GT-100 Towable Topdresser Specifications

DriveBase Unit: Plug-In Hydraulic to Tow Vehicle with Manual Hydraulic Flow Controls

(Optional) 13 HP Engine Driven Hydraulics with remote start and spinner/belt on/off switch

Hopper Capacity.75 Cu. Yd. Struck Level, 1 Cu. Yd. Heaped
Hopper Width37” across top, 21″ across bottom
Hopper Length76″at top, 54″at bottom
Loading Height57″
Tire Size26.5″ x 14-12 Turf Tires
Hopper Construction11 ga. Powder Coated Steel
Spinner System2-disc spinners with 15 degree tilt up and down, Spread pattern Heavy 6′ – 15′   Light 20′ – 30′            “Depending on density of material”
Metering GateOpening 20″ x 7″ with manual slide adjustment from 0″ to 7″
Conveyor BeltStandard: 20” Smooth Top Belt
Optional: 20″ Crescent Top Belt
Frame & HitchHeavy Duty 3″ Square Tube With Clevis Hitch
Topdressing Speed0 to 10 mph – Speed may vary depending on ground conditions
Transport SpeedUp to 25 mph empty
Overall DimensionsHeight: 57″ Length: 117″ Width: 58″
WeightWeight without Engine: 950 lbs.

Weight with Engine: 1350 lbs.

Limited Warranty3 year

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