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Heavy Duty Dump Trailers for Sale: A Buyer’s Guide

DT-12 turf trailer

Are you tired of tackling tough loads with subpar trailers? Maximize your hauling experience with Turftime Equipment’s heavy duty dump trailers!

Our DT-12 heavy duty dump trailer is designed to save you time and effort in your landscaping endeavors. From construction sites to landscaping projects, these dependable machines are your ultimate solution.

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Heavy Utility Dump Trailers for Large Loads

When investing in a heavy dump trailer, certain features are non-negotiable for optimal performance. At Turftime Equipment, we have purposefully designed our utility dump trailers with a robust frame constructed from high-quality steel to withstand the rigors of heavy loads and frequent use.

Key features of our heavy utility dump trailer include:

  • Hydraulic System: Equipped with a powerful hydraulic system, our heavy utility dump trailer offers effortless lifting and dumping capabilities, streamlining operations, and enhancing productivity on the job site.
  • Heavy Weight: Our heavy dump trailer boasts a substantial weight of 12,000 lbs., providing stability and strength for carrying large loads under demanding conditions.
  • Large Bed Size: Its spacious bed maximizes efficiency by accommodating larger loads per trip. Additionally, the removable sides offer versatility, allowing for the transportation of items that don’t require siding, while optional mesh side extensions provide added height for tall loads.
  • Durable Tires: Engineered for durability, the tires on our heavy utility dump trailer are built to withstand various ground conditions and extended use, so you can confidently use them over grass, sand, gravel, and more!
  • Folding Tailgate: The foldable tailgate facilitates easy loading and unloading, providing convenient access to the bed while also ensuring secure containment of materials during transit.

Not sure if the Model DT-12 is the right dump trailer for your hauling needs? Visit our blog to help you determine the best turf dump trailer model with confidence or contact us for personalized assistance!


Turf Trailers for Golf Courses, Sports Fields, and Landscaping

Our team understands the essential role that heavy turf trailers play in maintaining the beauty of outdoor spaces. As a national turf equipment manufacturer, we take pride in providing landscapers, contractors, and homeowners with the equipment they need to complete each job efficiently.


Our turf trailers are designed with versatile solutions for easily transporting soil, equipment, and other supplies and materials. Whether it’s unloading sod for a landscaping project, moving maintenance equipment across a golf course, or hauling supplies for general outdoor tasks, our trailers are built to deliver durability, versatility, and unmatched performance.


With TurfTime Equipment, your sports field or golf course dump trailer is more than just a tool, it’s a trusted partner in your outdoor maintenance.


Learn more about the premium dump trailer models we offer!

Save Time & Effort with our Heavy Duty Dump Trailer

For over a decade, Turftime Equipment has provided top-quality grounds and turf equipment, serving businesses, schools, and organizations with reliable solutions for their maintenance needs. Our commitment to excellence means we take the time to understand your needs, ensuring we offer the most effective ground maintenance methods to keep your turf healthy, eco-friendly, and stunning.

Whether for golf courses, sports fields, landscaping projects, or general hauling needs, our heavy duty dump trailers for sale stand as reliable companions for increasing the efficiency and productivity of outdoor environments.

Take the first step towards maximizing your productivity by contacting us today for a consultation, more information, or to explore our financing options. Let us help you save time and effort on your next hauling project.


Turftime’s Heavy Duty Dump Trailer Specifications
Model# DT-12
GVW12,000 lbs.
Capacity4.5 Cubic Yard
Bed Size108″ long X 78″ wide 20″ high sides.
Bed Heights off of the ground is 36 inches.
Dump Angle40-degrees
AxlesFour-wheel walking beam
Tires26.5 – 14 – 12 Turf Tires
CylinderDouble action cylinder
TailgateFold down with chain support and top hinge
JackHeavy Duty 3,000 lbs.

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