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60″ or 78″ Infield Groomers and 5, 6 or 7 foot All Purpose Spin-Groomer



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Commercial Field Groomers

Having the right field groomers can make all the difference in the efficiency, performance, health, and aesthetics of your grounds. That’s why we created the ultimate collection of infield, equine arena, and golf course commercial field groomers! In fact, we’re so confident in our infield grooming equipment that we offer a 3-year warranty on ANY model you choose.

As small, local business, we’re proud to have a national presence in the turf equipment industry. Learn more about our story or shop infield grooming machines today!

Triple Play 60 Infield Groomer


Triple Play 78 Infield Groomer


Spin Groomers


Top-Rated Baseball Field Groomers

At Turftime Equipment, we design, create, manufacture, and ship our very own line of unique baseball field groomers. From the green to the field and many other athletic facilities in between, we have a field groomer that is sure to suit your needs.

Triple Play 60 Infield Grooming Machine: An absolute staple to tow-behind field groomers, the Triple Play 60 is one of the easiest to use and is perfect for beginners. Accommodating to many hitches, this model is truly the center of every infield grooming equipment collection.

Triple Play 78 Infield Groomer: Achieving the perfectly manicured look is easy and possible with this infield grooming machine! A simple brush with this machine is enough to make even the toughest infields look brand new again.

Spin Groomer: Professional, all-purpose rotating groomer ideal for loosening compacted areas, improving drainage, and leveling the field. See it in action for golf courses, riding arenas, golf bunkers and more!

Turftime Equipment is proud to offer financing, nationwide shipping and year-round assistance to all our customers. The best news yet: all our baseball field groomers come with a 3-year warranty! Learn more about the benefits Turftime Equipment customers experience and what baseball field groomer may be best for you when you contact us today.

Key Advantages of Infield Grooming Machines

When you want the best athletic field maintenance equipment, you want an infield grooming machine. These powerful infield grooming machines work by leveling out playing fields with a tow-behind attachment. With sifters, brushes, and spokes, field grooming equipment helps:

  • Improve drainage
  • Control moisture
  • Keep players & spectators happy
  • Maintain field health & safety
  • Create a clean, professional area
  • And so much more!

Looking to create the best sports field or arena in the league? You need a field groomer! Get all the specifics and speak to one of our knowledgeable infield grooming machine experts today.

Contact Us to Get a Field Groomer Today

It takes a team to make a field the best it can be – Turftime Equipment wants to be the part of your team that brings you trusted, professional grounds maintenance tools!

When you partner with Turftime Equipment, you partner with a local company from Lancaster County, PA that values community, hard work, and innovation. Since the start, our small business has been dedicated to providing legit equipment at affordable prices. We’ve taken years of customer feedback to advance the performance of our field groomers, commercial aerators, rollers, and other turf equipment. Learn more about our company or order your baseball field groomer when you contact us today!

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