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TurfTime Equipment’s Heavy Duty Dump Trailers give you the professional strength and size you need!



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TurfTime’s Tandem Axle Dump Trailers

Whether you’re a homeowner, landscaper, or contractor, the right equipment can transform a project from time-consuming and back-breaking to efficient and painless.

At Turftime Equipment, the tandem axle dump trailer is designed to do the hard work and simplify your large and hefty hauls. Rather than exhausting yourself unloading your trailer, with the simple press of a button, you can let the hydraulic jack handle the task.

Regardless of the scale of your project, TurfTime Equipment’s tandem axle dump trailer provides the reliability and capacity you need without sacrificing maneuverability or ease of use.

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The Strength of a Dual Axle Dump Trailer


When you choose the dual axle dump trailer for your projects, this equipment offers many benefits, including:

dt-14 dual axle dump trailer in the grass in front of a pine tree on a sunny day

If you’re looking for a powerful, maneuverable, and long-lasting trailer, our heavy duty hydraulic dump trailer is the tool for you. The DT-14 model can haul up to 14,000 lbs., and the large bed, low sides, and hydraulic jack make the strenuous tasks of loading and unloading that much easier.

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Double Axle Dump Trailer for Sale: What You Need to Know

The double axle dump trailer is a great piece of equipment to couple with your tractor. If your off-road project has you hauling fragments of concrete, dirt, gravel, or heavy equipment, the heavy duty hydraulic dump trailer will save you both time and energy.


Additional features that set the DT-14 tandem axle dump trailer apart include:


  • Removable Sides: Our 20-inch-high sides can be easily removed for versatile loading and unloading.
  • Side Extensions: Optional 24-inch or 40-inch mesh side extensions provide added capacity and stability for larger loads.
  • Turf Tires: Our tires are designed to let you back the trailer onto golf courses, lawns, or sports fields without damaging the grass.

Not all dual axle dump trailers for sale are built to the same high standards. At TurfTime Equipment, our trailers are built to last. As assembled with sturdy steel frames and durable tires, we stand by our equipment, offering a 3-year warranty to cover any manufacturing defects and protect your investment.

Not sure if this model is the right trailer for you? Explore our blog and learn how to confidently choose the best dump trailer!


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At TurfTime Equipment, our team takes pride in offering top-quality equipment and tools nationwide, ensuring every product reflects our commitment to excellence and reliability. That’s why we use American-made steel and offer one of the best warranties in the industry.

With the DT-14 double axle dump trailer, you’re not just investing in a trailer; you’re investing in a partner that consistently delivers performance and durability, so that your projects run smoothly and efficiently, every time.

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Turftime’s Heavy Duty Dump Trailer Specifications
Model# DT-14
GVW14,000 lbs.
Capacity6 Cubic Yard
Bed Size132″ long X 78″ wide   20″ high sides.
Bed Heights off of the ground is 37 inches.
Dump Angle40-degrees
AxlesFour-wheel Tandem
Tires29 X 12.50 – 15 Turf Tires
Cylinder6 X 36 Double action cylinder
TailgateTop hinge
JackHeavy Duty 3,000 lbs.


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