Spin Groomer

Turf Time Spin Groomer

TurfTime Equipment’s Spin Groomers give you the professionally manicured look of a well-maintained ball field.

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Whatever your application, when it comes to creating and maintaining an ideal surface for arenas and infields, theres nothing like the Spin Groomer to make it easy.

Spins as you pull it. The Spin Groomer is easy to use, No PTO required. Just drop it in to position and go. The Spin Groomer will do the rest!

Bolt on tines. Tines on the Spin Grommer are hardened steel for longer life. the tines bolt on so when it comes to replace them, it’s just a few turns of the wrench and your ready to go.

The incredible rotary harrow for improving and maintaining Softball and Baseball infields. And Equestrian arenas.

The Spin Groomer makes it easy to produce an ideal surface.

Spin Groomer Benefits

* Loosens compacted areas such as around home plate, bases and base lines.

*Improves drainage and the ability of the infield to absorb water.

*Levels low spots like magic.

*Available rake leaves a smooth surface.

*Unique replaceable tines penetrate from 1″ to 4″ deep, according to the requirement.

*Works on all standard 3-point compact tractor hitches that lift and lower the unit on demand.

*Choice of 3 sizes: 5, 6, and 7ft. diameter

*Rugged, very durable construction.

*Replaceable hardened-steel tines

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