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Dethatching Grass: A Professional Overview

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Anything that hurts, damages, or otherwise weakens your turf needs to go. We couldn’t agree more – that’s why we’re putting a target on thatch. Not only are we explaining why this dead organic material can keep your grass from being its healthiest, but we’re also explaining how effective dethatching grass can be!

At TurfTime Equipment, we build a wide range of turf maintenance equipment that professionals rely on for keeping their grass healthy and luscious. Our equipment is used by groundskeepers and other professionals to maintain baseball diamonds, football fields, golf courses, estates, and much more. Keep reading to learn, “Is thatch bad for your lawn?”, discover more about dethatching grass, and see our top-tier equipment made just for this law maintenance chore!


How is Thatch Bad for Your Lawn or Turf? 

Does dethatching work?

Thatch is the term for dead grass and other organic material that builds up around the roots of grass. Whether on your home lawn or on your professional fields, thatch can build up and is a serious issue. One of the most common questions we hear is, “How exactly is thatch bad for your lawn?” It can keep your lawn from growing well – and in extreme cases – can kill healthy grass.

If you haven’t been detaching grass regularly, just by taking a cursory look at the grass you’ll likely be able to see the stringy brown material underneath the live grass. While thatch itself may be dead, that doesn’t mean it can’t soak up water and nutrients that should be nourishing your live grass. Thatch acts like a sponge, soaking up the water and fertilizer meant for your grass, starving it of the essentials needed to grow it properly. In addition, the thick, matted thatch also leeches nutrients from the helpful microorganisms that live in the soil and assist in grass growth. Essentially, thatch is bad for your lawn or turf because it starves it of everything it needs to flourish.

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  Does Dethatching Work? 

Grass thatching

On turf that takes a beating yet is still expected to look outstanding, the grass needs all the help it can get. Removing the buildup of thatch ensures that the grass has the best chance to grow strong. Using a verticutting machine to dethatch the grass is the primary way that professionals handle this kind of maintenance. If you find yourself wondering, “Does dethatching work?”, we can assure you that it absolutely does!

Firstly, dethatching with a professional-grade verticutter will strip away all of the thatch from your turf. On top of that, the verticutting process also encourages a more durable root system and makes the grass better able to stand up to invasive weeds. Bottom line: if you’re wondering, “Does dethatching work”, know that it is one of the most popular and essential parts of many professional turf maintenance plans.


  Shop Verticutters Perfect for Dethatching Grass & Fields

There’s no question that dethatching grass is absolutely essential when your goal is the healthiest, most resilient, and most attractive turf. Thatch has the chance to starve the grass you’ve worked so diligently to grow – this is the most complete way to remove it.

TurfTime’s line of verticutters are designed to provide the key advantages that professionals need. Here’s why our units are the professional standard for savvy groundskeeping crews:

  • Large Size – With up to 70” of working width, our verticutters can help clear more thatch even faster. This is necessary if you’re at a facility that maintains numerous fields.
  • Pulled Behind – All of our verticutters are meant to be pulled behind a lawn tractor. This once again adds speed to the process of dethatching grass.
  • Carbide Tips – The blades on TurfTime verticutters are made with carbide steel, meaning they’ll be sharper and last longer!
  • Welded Frames – For maximum durability, the frames on all of our verticutters are welded together. This gives the units themselves far greater durability than ones that are simply bolted together. Ultimately, we want a TurfTime verticutting machine to be the last one you ever buy!

If you’re ready to completely eliminate turf from your fields, we have exactly what you need. Reach out to our team to ask any questions – and to check prices!



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