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Looking for the best topdressers, professional turf aerators, verticutters and dethatchers, or commercial turf rolling equipment?

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Need great heavy duty turf rollers, rakes and groomers for infields, clay courts, driveways, beaches and parking lot, or field preparation equipment?

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Reduce Sports Injuries, Maintain Sports Turf, Golf Courses, Parks and Recreation facilities, improve driveways, grass runways, and race tracks.  Prepare fields for planting with TurfTime Equipment

Safer Play for Amateur and Professional Athletes

Turf needs to look good, but even more important it needs to provide a safe playing surface that reduces injuries and increased the enjoyment of participants and their fans.

Healthy Turf for sports fields and arenas, golf courses, parks and green spaces, airstrips and pastures

Healthy turf requires air and light, water and nutrients, all in the right proportions and at the right time.  TurfTime Equipment studies ways to maintain turf that is healthy, ecologically smart, and beautiful, whether by dethatching sports turf, topdressing golf courses, aerating polo fields, or verticutting sod farms.  TurfTime Equipment promotes top dressing horse tracks, using a heavy duty smoothing roller to level grass airstrips and grooming the infield to improve safety at Parks and Recreation facilities.


Reduced Financial Risk for Facilities and Participants

Each piece of quality professional grade turf maintenance equipment we engineer, design, and sell builds healthy turf that reduces concussions and other injuries, and improves the quality of play.  The more consistent surface reduces unexpected ball hops and bounces and reduces the risk of  injuries from ankle turns and falls.  Infections, ‘carpet burn’ and overheating are also reduced.

Find Turf Maintenance Equipment for your Application
Turf Maintenance for Golf courses, Ball fields, Sports arenas, Parks and Rec facilities:

With the TurfTime Equipment Advantage Line of Topdressers, Aerators, Triple-Play Infield Groomers, Rollers and the ThatchMaster Verticutter and Dethatcher, you’ll get great turf in less time with the right equipment.

Golf Course and Sports Field Building and Renovation:

When constructing or rebuilding sports complexes, stadiums, and golf courses, or performing turf maintenance and surface renovation at sod farms, horse tracks and arenas, you can rely on Forigo Power Harrows, Forigo Stone Buriers, Advantage Topdressers, and Advantage Rollers for fast and efficient soil preparation.

Municipalities, Highway Departments, Parks and parking areas:

In addition to golf and sports-turf maintenance, these tools can be used to maintain trails and right of ways, and to develop and maintain naturalized wildlife feeding areas.

Turftime Equipment

Custom Designed Turf Maintenance Equipment:

Customized turf maintenance machines are available by special arrangement. Contact us to fit and adapt our equipment to your specific tasks.

A Message from Our Owners:

Together we intend to use our diverse technical, engineering, business and marketing skills to develop and continue to produce innovative turf maintenance equipment that meets the needs of our customers.  We intend to help you provide safety and enjoyment for your players and participants, labor and cost savings for your managers and owners, and environmentally friendly practices to reduce need for expensive chemical controls.

The TurfTime Equipment products we manufacture include ADVANTAGE Topdressers,  ADVANTAGE rolling Aerators, heavy duty ADVANTAGE Rollers for turf of all kinds, the ThatchMaster Dethatcher and Verticutter, and TRIPLE-PLAY Groomers.

At TurfTime Equipment we want to hear what our customers need and design innovations that produce Great Turf in less Time with the right Equipment.

We pledge to remain responsive to input from the golf course superintendents, sports field managers, sports equipment mechanics, grounds keepers and educators who spark our creativity.

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