tow behind infield groomer

Triple Play 60 Tow Behind Infield Groomers

TurfTime Equipment’s TP-60 is available in tow behind, 3-point or tow behind/3-point combo



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Multipurpose Riding Arena Drags

TurfTime’s durable TRIPLE-PLAY Infield Groomers will replace nail drags, chain drags, coco mats, scarifier, and levelers. The TP-60-P is your economical solution for many infield tasks. From little league field to the professional stadium the TurfTime Eq Triple Play Infield groomer provides a very economical tool to maintain a level playing field for consistent ball hop and safer play.

A Groomer Pulled by a Lawn Tractor or Small Utility Vehicle

The TurfTime Eq TRIPLE-PLAY Infield Groomer Model TP-60-P is designed to work behind lawn tractors, utility vehicles, and ATVs.

Easy to use Infield Groomer:

The TP-60-P’s simple over-center wheels enhance maneuverability on and off the field. The adjustable hitch fits easily to your equipment.

Roll away convenience – Just flip the wheels down and roll away.

Need a Tow Behind Infield Groomer for a sub-compact tractor?

The Triple-Play 60 Infield Groomer also can be ordered in a 3 point hitch version, the TP-60-3P, or 3-point/tow behind combo which accomodates either a three point hitch, or a tow bar. All groomers are available with the optional electric actuator to allow the operator to raise and lower the unit from the tractor seat. Watch videos below to see the Triple Play Infield Groomer in action.

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