ThatchMaster’s Unmatched Dethatchers for Sale

If your goal is a healthier lawn, then dethatching should be one of your top practices.

Thatch is known as the build-up of living and dead organisms that forms between grass blades and the soil surface. While some thatch is good for your lawn, too much can cause serious drainage, pest, and moisture problems.

With a tractor PTO driven dethatcher like the ThatchMaster, you’re guaranteed a healthier golf course, athletic field, turf, or lawn! By using powerful metal blades and adjustable depths for combing, a dethatcher for sale pulls thatch to the surface so it can be bagged or turned into compost. Pair any of our dethatchers for sale with a high-quality commercial aerator for to create a true expert-level lawn care routine.

Get more information about our dethatchers for sale, how to use them or where to buy when you contact us today!

Precise Dethatching Depth Control

Cutting depth is managed by the adjustable rollers that are easily set from 0 to 1.5 inches in Infinite Increments for a shallow verticutting or a deep aggressive removal of thick thatch. The full floating hitch maintains the consistent depth of cut by allowing the rollers to follow ground contours.

How Our Grass Detachers Promote a Healthier Lawn

Grass dethatchers do so much more than just remove the layer of build-up on your lawn. The tractor PTO driven verticutters for sale at Turftime Equipment also help:

  • Circulate air deep down into the roots
  • Provide necessary carbon dioxide for growth
  • Stimulate existing roots while encouraging new root growth
  • Increase effectiveness of fertilizer
  • Improve draining
  • Promote a healthier, greener lawn

Learn more about the benefits of dethatching your grass or turf here.

No matter if you’re interested in a commercial dethatcher for your golf course, athletic field, large backyard, or other turf, we’re proud to offer a variety of models so you can be paired with one specific to your needs! Get assistance in finding the right grass dethatcher for you by calling or emailing us today.


What Makes our Verticutters for Sale so Effective?

At Turftime Equipment, we’ve been in the lawn care industry for decades – and we’ve taken the feedback gathered over those decades to innovate the products we sell!

What makes our verticutters for sale so effective for promoting lawn growth and health is that we have 4 different size models to chose from. These options allow you to find a verticutter that matches the towing power you have, the storage space you have, and the lawn care needs you have.

ThatchMaster’s extremely strong construction reduces maintenance to a minimum, making it one of the most solid investments in turf machinery. Plus, our improved blade cassettes and re-designed replacement blades provide cost-effective turf maintenance through fast, yet controlled, dethatching and verticutting. Learn more about our company and how we design our verticutters for sale when you speak with one of our friendly representatives!


ThatchMaster Specifications

# of Blades24-6130-4636-46
Blade Spacing1″ – 2″1.25″ – 2″1.5″ – 2″
Working Depth0 – 1.5″0 – 1.25″0 – 1.25″
Working Width45″57″69″
PTO Drive540540540
HP Required20 – 2525 – 3030 – 35
Weight425 lbs.495 lbs.560 lbs.


Add a Commercial Dethatcher to Your Maintenance Fleet Today!

Turftime Equipment has been providing our customers with quality grounds and turf equipment for over 10 years! Our nationwide shipping, USA made products, small business feel and 3-year warranty on every product is what makes Turftime the obvious choice for partnership.

Let us provide you with the commercial dethatchers you need – contact us today to learn more!



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