ThatchMaster Electric Dethatchers

Available with 1, 2 or 3 mm. blades.
Blade spacing is also adjustable.



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ThatchMaster’s Unmatched Grass Dethatcher Quality

Quick Return to Playing Conditions with Commercial Dethatchers

These commercial grade units deliver a beautiful cut that removes excess thatch allowing gas exchange and facilitating water infiltration.
For over 25 years ThatchMaster has been improving turf, golf courses and athletic fields from coast to coast.
The well known high quality ThatchMaster dethatcher/verticutter is ideal for heavy duty dethatching on fairways, ball fields and large sports complexes, or fine verticutting on golf greens. Most importantly our standard carbide tip blades slice through turf for fast healing, getting you back in play quickly.

Precise Dethatching Depth Control

Cutting depth is managed by the adjustable rollers that are easily set from 0 to 1.5 inches in Infinite Increments for a shallow verticutting or a deep aggressive removal of thick thatch. The full floating hitch maintains the consistent depth of cut by allowing the rollers to follow ground contours.

A Dethatcher with Low HP Requirements

With 4 sizes to choose from there is a size that’s practical for your application. A 20 to 25 HP tractor will easily power the smaller TM-3600 & TM-4800. Larger TM-6000 & TM-7200 units will require a little more power. Deeper slicing may also requires more power.

Turf Verticutter for Your Maintenance Fleet

Thatch Master’s extremely strong construction reduces maintenance to a minimum. TurfTime Equipment’s improved blade cassettes and re-designed replacement blades provide cost-effective turf maintenance through efficient, fast, and controlled dethatching and verticutting.

If you bought a ThatchMaster before 2009 you may want to update your idler sprocket or increase the drive chain strength. TurfTime Equipment has a number of update kits that may significantly improve the performance of your older ThatchMaster. These update kits are available ONLY through TurfTime Equipment.

ThatchMaster Specifications

# of Blades19-4825-6531-6137-49
Blade Spacing0.75″ – 2″0.75″ – 2″1.25″ – 2″1.5″ – 2″
Working Depth0 – 1.5″0 – 1.5″0 – 1.25″0 – 1.25″
Working Width34″46″58″70″
PTO Drive540540540540
HP Required15 – 2020 – 2525 – 3030 – 35
Weight346 lbs.425 lbs.495 lbs.560 lbs.




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