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Heavy Duty Field Rollers for Properties of All Sizes

Effortless looking greens usually mean one thing: they are given a lot of effort. Between mowing, thatching, trimming, and rolling, it takes time to manicure a grassy field of any size. Greens rollers are one of the easiest tools to utilize and have major benefits for all field types!

As a top national manufacturer of premium field rollers, we’ve built our reputation on offering turf and greens rollers that are affordably priced. At TurfTime Equipment, we’ve done the hard part for you and built a brand that is truly worth the hype. We’re so confident in our products that we happily offer a warranty for each one! Browse our Fairway Gang Rollers and Heavy Duty Field Rollers or contact us to learn more!

Fairway Gang Rollers


Heavy Duty Turf Rollers



Field rollers are one of the most common tools utilized when it comes to golf course and sports field maintenance as well as general lawn care. Whether you’re a commercial landscaping company with multiple properties, a manager of a golf course or resort, or simply a homeowner with a multi-acre property, a greens roller can help you achieve a consistently flat surface.

While field rollers are typically used to level the soil and improve the overall appearance of the yard, they can also be great for achieving many other aesthetic benefits. Hauling a field roller behind a tractor or mower, allows you to:

  • Remove damage to your lawn caused by a freeze and thaw cycle
  • Flatten small hills and unevenness
  • Smoothen horse arenas
  • Pack new seeding and soil for newly laid sod

If you’re hoping to level your yard, fairway, sports field, park, or airfield, a high functioning greens roller will help you get there! Start by shopping our models of heavy-duty turf rollers and contact us today for more information and pricing options!

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Residential & Commercial Turf Rollers for Sale

Whether you’re stewarding a fairway in South Carolina or preserving your Pennsylvania property, TurfTime Equipment is a turf roller manufacturer providing equipment to both residential and commercial customers nationwide! With several models, sizes, specifications, and materials available at our New Holland, PA location, you’re sure to find the greens roller that best suits your unique requirements. Some of the added feature benefits of our residential and commercial turf rollers include:

Not sure which land roller is the right fit for you? Contact our Turftime Equipment team to find the perfect greens roller for you!



TurfTime Equipment is one of the nation’s most trusted manufacturers of durable land rollers for sale. For 10+ years, our team has been providing our customers with some of the best grounds and turf equipment on the market! Our customers choose us for our large selection of inventory and the customization options we provide.

When it comes to efficient residential and commercial land rollers that’ll get the job done right, check out TurfTime Equipment! Select a model from the options online and contact us today to inquire about pricing. We look forward to helping you!

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