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Golf Course Maintenance Equipment Guide

golf course maintenance equipment

The gorgeous greens and fairways of a golf course require careful work every day. Not only does the turf need to have the meticulous professional look golfers expect, but it also needs to stay healthy despite constant mowing and heavy foot and cart traffic. If you’re a groundskeeper at a golf course, you know this better than anyone. In today’s guide, we’re highlighting our golf course maintenance equipment specifically designed to make your work easier.

At TurfTime Equipment, we’re a manufacturer of elite turf equipment that professionals all over the country trust. Keep reading to take an in-depth look at our lines of golf course maintenance equipment, uncover average prices, and see exactly how they help you work smarter. However, if you’re ready to get exact quotes, reach out to our team today!

Golf Machinery That Professionals Trust & What They Do

We build every single one of our pieces of golf machinery to make a challenging job easier. This can be seen through our unique TurfTime innovations as well as our elite-level construction quality. Discover all of our golf course equipment right here:

golf machinery

  • Equipment Basics: Aerators feature rotating spoons or tines that rotate, poking holes in the ground. Our heavy-duty aerators are primarily hauled by lawn tractors. We often say that our aerators are among the best on the market!
  • How it Helps Golf Courses: Aerators are used by landscapers to poke small holes in the ground, which allows water, air, and nutrients to better enter the soil. By giving grass more of these 3 key things, you make it all-around healthier and more beautiful. Since golf course grass needs to be both resilient and lush, this piece of golf machinery is crucial.
  • What Sets Ours Apart: The tines on our aerators are longer than the industry standard, which means better aerated and healthier grass. In addition, we offer units that have the ability to switch between different tines on the fly!
  • Price Range: $2,500 to $6,000

golf course equipment

  • Equipment Basics: An adjustable rack of blades, verticutters are hauled along the grass after mowing to clear away the top layer of the thatch. Once again, they are primarily hauled by tractors.
  • How it Helps Golf Courses: Verticutters are the most effective way to dethatch grass, which entails cutting away the top layer of thatch and roots. Since golf courses are mowed frequently, the thatch accumulation can be thick. If left alone, the thatch layer can choke the grass of necessary nutrients and water.
  • What Sets Ours Apart: When it comes to all of our golf maintenance equipment and our verticutters, customers appreciate the welded frames which can outlast the competition.
  • Price Range: $6,400 to $8,900

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fairway gang rollers on golf course

  • Equipment Basics: Think of rollers like mini steam rollers that are used to make grass look and feel smoother.
  • What Sets Ours Apart: One thing about our rollers that makes them an essential piece of golf course equipment is that we sell a gang roller that is 23 feet wide. This is accomplished by combining multiple individual rollers, which makes rolling large fairways much more convenient! Many groundskeepers get frustrated with their old small rollers and choose to upgrade to the convenience of ours!
  • How it Helps Golf Courses: A vital piece of golf machinery, a roller is the single most effective way to smooth your fairways. Since smooth and even turf is an essential for the game of golf, a quality roller is a must-have for a golf course’s groundskeeping crews.
  • Price Range: $4,600 to $12,000

golf course top dresser
Top Dressers

  • Equipment Basics: A large piece of golf machinery, top dressers feature a deep bay that is filled with a loose material and a heavy-duty spreader below to distribute it.
  • How it Helps Golf Courses: Done after aerating the grounds, a top dresser can fill all of the tine holes with sand. This is another key step to creating strong, ultra-healthy-looking grass. Filling these holes without a dedicated top dresser is an extremely labor-intensive task.
  • What Sets Ours Apart: Ground maintenance professionals appreciate that our top dressers give you the ability to apply both very light and heavy dustings of the fill material. In addition, the ultra-long lifespan means that you’ll see a tremendous return on your investment.
  • Price Range: $10,000 to $40,000

The TurfTime Difference

While our line of professional golf course equipment may be the focus of today’s guide, it is only the beginning of what TurfTime builds. Our equipment can also be seen on professional football fields and baseball diamonds, as well as in backyards all across America. However, there are two things that unify all of our products, regardless of the application. Our equipment is built to be extremely durable and should last you as long as you need. On top of that, we place a focus on adding extras that make tough work a little easier.

Buy Golf Course Maintenance Equipment Today

Whether you need to add new golf machinery to your fleet or you’re looking to upgrade what you have, you’re in the right place. We’re the team that understands the challenges of professional groundskeepers, and we build the equipment to match. Reach out to our team to discuss our equipment and to place your order!

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