Residential and Commercial Aerators for Sale

Breathe life into your fields with a commercial aerator from TurfTime! Commercial aerators are the perfect way to increase your turf ‘s air exchange, improve its longevity, and enhance its natural features. With a 3-year warranty, several expertly designed models, and competitive pricing, there’s no doubt you’ll find your ideal commercial lawn aerator here.

From start to finish, our commercial lawn aerators give you everything you need to have a perfect sports field, golf course, equestrian facility, sod farm or vegetable farm. Show quality to your customers through your flawlessly manicured fields – contact TurfTime today!

Advantage Aerators


Pro Series Aerators


Estate Aerators


Experience the Benefits of Our Aeration Equipment

Removing small cores of soil from your turf reduces soil compaction and promotes root growth, in short – it makes for extremely healthy grass! When competing at a professional level, this type of lawn health is expected for all sports fields, golf courses, and equestrian facilities. Not to mention, commercial aeration equipment largely benefits sod and vegetable farms, as well.

No matter your industry or geographic location, we believe that every lawn can benefit from the deep tine aeration our products create. There are lots of reasons to aerate your grounds, but a few of the most important are:

  • Improve air exchange between soil and atmosphere
  • Improve fertilizer uptake
  • Reduce soil compaction & water runoff
  • Enhance drought and heat stress tolerance
  • Improve resiliency and cushioning
  • Enhance thatch breakdown

The type of aeration equipment you use affects the results of the treatment’s efficiency. If you want undeniable, long-lasting results, you’ll want the best deep tine aerator on the market. Discover 5 key commercial aerator traits to look for when shopping for the right one for your company!

Breathe Life into Your Field with Our Premium Ground Aerators

At TurfTime, we’ve used our diverse technical, engineering, business and marketing skills to develop turf maintenance equipment over the past 15+ years. Over the years of development, we’ve listened to our customers, turning their ideas into new products and product innovations. Today, we’re proud to bring three proven ground aerator models to market for both commercial and residential use. Click to learn more about each piece of aeration equipment and contact us for pricing!

Advantage Aerator: Ideal for more frequent ground aeration at a lower cost. These rugged deep tine aerators do almost all the work for you, in a shorter timeframe than most others on the market.

Pro Series Aerator: Your luxury commercial aerator offering extra features, high-quality materials, and slicing blades. Keeping your yard vibrant and healthy is now easier than ever!

Estate Aerator: Homeowners and landscaping professionals – this is the ground aerator for you! The unique design is easy to manage, simple to move, and ready to transform your yard.

Contact Us About Our Residential and Commercial Aerators

At TurfTime, our goal is to create the best quality, most innovative professional turf maintenance equipment. Because of that, we’re proud to serve the USA with a 3-year warranty on both residential and commercial aerators. When you shop TurfTime, you support a local small business from Lancaster County, PA. Learn how our equipment can help your turf become more vibrant and full of life – contact us now.

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