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The Can’t Miss Turf Top Dressing Benefits

turf top dressing

When you’re looking for every way to grow the strongest and healthiest grass, you can’t ignore turf top dressing. This is a must-consider strategy for all professional groundskeepers and field crews. We’re breaking down the basics of what to know and how to use this tactic for maximum results.

At TurfTime Equipment, we craft a line of turf maintenance equipment that sees use on golf courses, colleges campuses and professional sports fields. Turf top dressing is a critical component of any multifaceted ground maintenance plan.


Grass & Lawn Dressing for Professionals

Lawn dressing is the process of evenly spreading a loose material over top of a field using a piece of equipment known as a top dresser. Depending on what you spread and when you do it, grass dressing can accomplish multiple outcomes for your turf. Here’s what to know:



Pair with Aeration – Aerating is one of the single most effective techniques to grow strong and lush turf. Turf top dressing forms a potent one-two punch with aeration. Since aerating leaves holes in the turf, you want to follow it up by building up the soil afterwards using your dresser. This is especially important on high-use fields that are likely to see action soon after aeration.

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Change Soil Composition – Oftentimes getting a professional soil test is something that groundskeeping crews will commission. Finding out the makeup of your soil can help you make decisions on how to grow in it and how to fertilize it. If you want to change the soil conditions, using a top dresser is one of the few ways to accomplish that.


Fill In Low Areas – While lawn dressing often involves evenly spreading materials over a large area, it can also be done in targeted spaces as well. If the soil in particular areas is compacted or beaten down, you can fill them in using your top dresser. This can be crucial both on athletic fields and large estates.

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Dressing Synthetic Turf – While our equipment is primarily using for grass dressing, you can absolutely use our dressers on artificial turf as well. For this application, you simply need to fill the hopper with crumb rubber and spread it evenly, just like you would for soil, sand or compost.


What Sets Our Dresser Apart from the Rest

As is the case with everything we build at TurfTime, we strive to create the professional solutions that let you work smarter to achieve better results. There are few key differences that make lawn dressing with one of our pieces more convenient than with the competition.


  • Adjustable Spread Pattern – One of the big differences for our top dressers is the adjustable spread pattern. This means that you can select how narrow or how wide you want the spray of material to be, perfect for different applications. In addition, our spray mechanism is designed to allow you to spread past the body of the top dresser.
  • Quality Construction – One of the things that sets all of our equipment apart is the superior USA construction. Our well-built machines feature welded together steel bodies for years upon years of reliable performance. See our different lines of dressers.


Get Prices on Your Turf Top Dresser

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Investing in a turf top dresser is a big decision. However, turf top dressing delivers the versatile benefits that make your field stronger and more attractive. The first step is a conversation with our sales team. They will be more than happy to discuss your needs, your current equipment fleet, and your budget. After that, they’ll pair you with the right top dresser.

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