Versatile Topdressers for Sale

A more vibrant turf starts with a more effective treatment. At Turftime Equipment, our topdressers for sale offer a superior method to help your lawn become healthier and improve overall soil conditions. Not only is topdressing a very affordable alternative to chemical treatments, but it’s also something that is easy do yourself! With just a few hours every month, your yard will look flawless.

We are proud to be a Pennsylvania based company shipping our rollers, aerators and topdressers for sale nationwide. Learn more about our products or contact us today to speak with a specialist!

GT-100 Topdressers


TT-2410 / TT-2430 Topdresser


TT-3050 / TT-3065 Topdresser


FX650 Material Handler


Why You’ll Love Our Topdressing Spreaders

Want healthier greens and a more luscious lawn? Let us introduce you to our high-quality, long-lasting topdressing spreaders. These magnificent machines are designed to conveniently spread nutrients, sand, and more on the surface of your residential or commercial turf.

No matter your industry or geographic location, we believe that every lawn can experience the benefits of using our topdressers for sale, like:

  • More precise topdressing
  • Versatile equipment for handling a variety of jobs
  • Enhance germination of seeds
  • Improve overall soil conditions
  • And so much more!

You’ll notice a difference in your turf from your very first experience using a topdressing spreader! Learn more about the benefits of topdressing a field or find your perfect match now.

Which Topdressing Machine is Right For You?

For over 15 years, Turftime Equipment has been using our advanced engineering talents to develop topdressing machines that deliver effective results. We’ve listened carefully to our customers to turn their ideas and recommendations into new product innovations – creating the most curated collection of topdressing machines on the market. We’re proud to offer sports fields, golf courses, equestrian facilities, residential properties and farms the following topdressing machines:

GT-100 Topdresser: The fastest compact turf topdressing spreader around, this model has tons to offer with it’s .75 yard capacity!

TT-2410 & TT-2430 Topdresser: The absolute champion of mid-sized topdressing machines! This model is designed to save you time and money on turf equipment.

TT-3050 & TT-3065 Topdresser: The perfect topdressing machine for tackling larger jobs like sports fields, fairways and sod farms with ease!

FX650 Material Handler: Our newest multi-use topdressing spreader ideal for spreading material up to 40 feet wide.

How to Get Your Own Topdresser for Sale

At Turftime Equipment, we’re a Lancaster County, PA manufacturer with family-values and honest prices. From our start over 15 years ago, it’s been our goal to constantly create and innovate turf equipment, but topdressers have always been our bread and butter. We’re proud to extend a 3-year warranty on all our topdressers for sale. Learn how our equipment can help make your landscape more vibrant and full of life – contact us today!

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