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Shopping Guide: Best Pull Behind Dethatcher

best pull behind dethatcher

Pros and homeowners know: thatch is the #1 enemy of healthy and gorgeous looking grass! Occurring naturally and as a result of frequent mowing, thatch accumulates around the roots and prevents much-needed water and fertilizer from reaching the plant. While getting rid of thatch is an essential turf maintenance task, without dedicated equipment, it’s challenging and time consuming to do. In this shopping guide, we’re showcasing what we believe is the best pull behind dethatcher — and highlighting what separates it from the competition.

At TurfTime Equipment, we build a wide range of professional-grade turf equipment for groundskeepers and homeowners. Our catalog of equipment includes everything from aerators and rollers to large dump trailers. Keep reading to explore what traits the best pull behind dethatchers must have — and see what they should cost! Once you’re ready to shop, our team is standing by to answer your questions and take your order!

Traits of the Best Commercial Dethatcher

best commercial dethatcher

While we may be profiling the best commercial dethatcher, they can be used for homes, too. In fact, our models see use across home estates as well as national baseball fields and football stadiums. The reasons we classify our equipment as commercial are due to their size, heavy-duty construction, and the fact that they require a lawn tractor. These are the 5 traits that set our dethatchers ahead of the pack:


Extremely Wide Working Width Available

The larger the width of the dethatcher, the faster and more efficient it is at performing important work. We offer a wide range of different sizes: 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” widths. Our largest width tends to be larger than the widest unit that most other companies make! Being able to dethatch a large area faster is essential for crews that service large golf courses or complexes with numerous fields.

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Carbide Tip on Blades

For maximum longevity and cutting ability, the tips on all of our dethatchers are built with reinforced Tungsten Carbide steel. These upgraded blades will outperform traditional stainless steel both in cutting performance and in that they will stay sharper longer. This comes standard on all of our bladed pieces of equipment, including our elite lawn aerators.


Can Verticut as Well

One other reason we say that we build the best commercial dethatcher is that it boasts two machines in one. What we mean is that the adjustable depth of the blades allows your dethatcher to also serve as a verticutter. This allows you to follow up your dethatching regimen with the unique “vertical mowing” technique known as verticutting, which also improves the breathability of your lawn or turf.


Welded Frame

Built to last as long as you need it, every piece of our industry-best pull behind dethatchers are geared towards that goal. Even the frame on all of our models is fully welded together to handle all the possible wear and tear that comes from regular use. Compared to competitors’ frames that may simply be bolted together, our pieces are built tougher and heavier to ensure they last for years to come.

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Real Support from the Manufacturer

One other thing that makes for the best pull behind dethatchers is the company standing behind them. While our equipment may see use on the biggest fields in the country, we are still a fairly small company, meaning we can provide one-on-one support to all of our customers. You don’t need to dial into a massive call center and wait on hold — simply call our direct number and talk to someone in-the-know at our headquarters. For many customers comparing our commercial dethatchers to another company, this option for real, personal service is a difference maker.

Competitive Prices on Our Product Lines (Starting at $5,800)

One more reason to love TurfTime dethatchers is that the price stays competitive despite all of the features and advantages. Our most compact unit with a width of 36” comes in at approximately $5,800. On the other hand, our largest unit will cost approximately $9,650.

The main thing that changes between these different price tiers is the size of the unit — every single one of these pieces will come with all of the traits that make for the best commercial dethatchers.

Buy the Best Pull Behind Dethatcher

Ready to bring the convenience and power of our industry-best pull behind dethatchers to your estate or your crew? Our team is here to help! Like we said, TurfTime is all about easy and direct communication, so if you want to get an exact quote, ask any questions, or place your order, simply give us a call or fill out a contact form.

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