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The Best Lawn Aerator: 5 Key Traits

best lawn aerator

Ground aeration is increasingly recognized as a key component to attractive and healthy grass. This makes it an in-demand strategy that professional groundskeepers employ to keep athletic fields and other grass in great shape. As with most things, the right equipment is essential to making the job easier and more effective — that’s why we’re highlighting what makes for the best lawn aerator.

At TurfTime, we craft high-quality turf and ground maintenance equipment that is used on colleges, golf courses, and professional sports fields all across the country. Learn what key benefits separate our aerators from the average alternative and make them stand out among the best lawn aerators on the market. Keep reading to take an in-depth look — or reach out to our team to discuss your turf maintenance needs.

What to Look for in Elite Lawn Aerator Brands

The best lawn aerator brands offer versatile solutions, make your work more efficient, and last a lifetime. Those are the big picture goals that drive our design and manufacturing process — we want to build the best equipment that solves real problems for professionals. Explore the 5 traits that you should look for when investing in an aerator:


Slicing & Coring Options Are Available

Slicing the turf with tines or coring it with coring spoons are the two ways to aerate grass. While each aeration style has their advantages, our brand includes both types of aerators. Even better, we sell machines with an extra rotor which allows you to quickly switch between coring and slicing the turf. That way you can use both methods of aeration depending on what’s right at the given time.


Welded Frame for Longevity

Since you want a tool that lasts as long as you’ll use it, insist on a well-built piece of equipment. While many competitors’ aerators are built with a bolted-together frame, a TurfTime aerator will be welded together. This is why we can confidently say that the frame of one of our aerators will last a lifetime — while many others fall apart after just a few years of hard work.


Long Tines for Deep Aeration

The attention to detail doesn’t just include the frame. Everything about our units, down to the tines or blades, is designed to be better. For example, the tines on our slicing aerators are 7.5 inches long, which is far longer than most average aerators. The longer tines are key to ensuring the healthiest grass.


Wide Base for Efficient Work

In addition to guaranteeing you effective results, our aerators also save you time as well. Our units are built with a wide base — either 8 feet or 10 feet wide — meaning you can aerate a larger section of lawn much faster. This makes our units the best lawn aerators for golf course maintenance.


Support from the Manufacturer

One of the other important elements of the best lawn aerator brands isn’t about the machinery — it’s about the manufacturer itself. At TurfTime, we support our customers with information, advice, and access to replacement pieces. For example, the tines of a slicing aerator will become dull after heavy use, but we always stock replacement tines and conveniently ship them to you.

In general, we sum up our aerators with one statement: they may cost a little more upfront, but they are guaranteed to outlast the competition, while paying you back with easier work and superior results every day.

A Fleet of Turf Maintenance Equipment

lawn aerator brands

While we’re proud to be one of the best lawn aerator brands, we build so much more as well. We design and craft a wide range of turf equipment, all of which is built to the elite standard of quality you expect. Our lawn rollers are a popular choice for golf courses, municipalities, and homeowners that want to create truly professional looking turf. Another item that goes along with aerators, our top dressers are a key piece for professional groundskeepers.

We recommend that you try a piece of TurfTime equipment to see the difference. Chances are, you’ll want to trust your entire operation to our equipment.

Get Pricing on the Best Lawn Aerators

If you’re ready to learn more about our lines of aerators or you want to get pricing, please reach out to our team. Our experts are more than happy to give you even more details on what makes TurfTime units stand out among the best lawn aerators — while helping you find the right model for your facility.

Reach out today to start the conversation.

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