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Replicating the beautiful grounds you see on TV (in football games, golf tournaments, and more) requires year-round maintenance and elite equipment. The elite equipment that makes a difference for groundskeepers and maintenance crews is our specialty. We’re highlighting the turf machinery that professionals trust for incredible results. Read our latest blog to explore the key facts and figures about our wide range of equipment.

At TurfTime, we’re a PA-based manufacturer of high-quality turf equipment that both professional groundskeepers and homeowners trust. Explore our turf machinery buying guide to see the benefits, equipment needs, and average prices of our main products. However, if you’d rather skip the reading, feel free to reach out to our team to discuss your grounds and your budget!

Our Professional Landscaping Tools Buying Guide

Cultivating equally attractive-looking and healthy grass is a matter of pairing the right maintenance with the right equipment. Golf courses, public parks, athletic fields, and even residential lawns have a distinct set of challenges and year-round maintenance requirements. Explore our professional landscaping tools to find the right equipment for your needs and budget:

professional landscaping tool Verticutters

A key piece of equipment for both golf courses and professional sports fields, verticutters are used in conjunction with traditional mowing. Verticutting allows your field to breathe by removing the layer of thatch and roots. Done multiple times a year, before or after mowing, verticutting promotes healthy lawn growth. Our verticutters come in multiple widths, the larger of which are essential for expansive fields.

  • Average Cost: Approximately $6,400 to $8,900
  • Required Equipment: Lawn Tractor (25 or 35 Horsepower depending on verticutter size)
  • Perfect For: Field Maintenance, Golf Course Maintenance, Lawn Care for Estates

pro aerator for home lawn care Aerators

One of the most direct ways to help soil to breathe, this piece of turf machinery punctures the ground with slicing or coring tines. Performing this task throughout the year helps the grass to grow stronger and look healthier. Our different models of aerators feature multiple width options and a range of different aerating tines. Learn what makes our model one of the best aerators on the market.

  • Average Cost: Between $1,000 to $6,000
  • Required Equipment: Lawn Tractor (25 to 60 Horsepower depending on aerator size)
  • Perfect For: Field Maintenance, Golf Course Maintenance, Lawn Care for Homes of All Sizes

professional fairway rollers Rollers

The next professional landscaping tool we’re highlighting, rollers are used to flatten grass for cosmetic purposes, make the lawn easier to mow, and improve the overall health. Since a wide variety of sizes (4 feet to 12 feet) are available, this piece of turf machinery sees use among homeowners as well as professional groundskeepers.

  • Average Cost: Between $1,500 to $6,000
  • Required Equipment: ATV or Lawn Tractor with 40 Horsepower for larger rollers
  • Perfect For: Lawn Care for Homes, Field Maintenance, Golf Course Maintenance, Park Maintenance

mid-sized top dresser for ball field Top Dressers

This professional landscaping tool allows you to distribute a thin layer of material to any field. Spreading a layer of material over your turf fills in holes, prevents erosion, and keeps the grass healthy. Without a top dresser, you’d be forced to try to dress your fields by hand. That’s why this heavy-duty piece of equipment is a labor-saving must-have for professional groundskeeping crews.

  • Average Cost: $10,000 to $40,000
  • Required Equipment: Lawn Tractor (25 to 75 Horsepower depending on top dresser size)
  • Perfect For: Field Maintenance, Golf Course Maintenance, Lawn Care for Estates

Meet the Manufacturer

Every single one of these professional landscaping tools is built to the same high standard that defines TurfTime products. We design and manufacture all of our turf machinery to solve real problems and to last for decades. Many of our pieces of equipment come with innovative upgrades and attachments that can allow crews to work smarter every day. In addition, we craft all of our pieces in the United States to a heavy-duty standard that ensures they will provide decades of use.

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Whether you’re looking to invest in an entire fleet or upgrade a single machine, our team is here to help. TurfTime exclusively builds the turf machinery that makes a difference for working professionals every day. Our equipment can be seen across the country, working in lawns, pro sports stadiums, sprawling golf courses, and more.

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