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Lawn Roller Sizes: 60-Inch, 72-Inch, & More

lawn roller sizes

When grass or turf needs to both look and feel absolutely pristine, a lawn roller becomes an essential piece of equipment. A lawn rollers primary job is to create the smoothest looking and feeling grass possible, all while accelerating seed growth. While rolling is primarily used for golf courses and professional sports fields, some homeowners want to bring this level of quality to their homes. Explore the most common lawn roller sizes and see what’s right for you.

At TurfTime Equipment, we build a line of heavy-duty turf equipment, including everything from aerators and dump trailers to lawn rollers. Whether you’re a professional looking to outfit your grounds crew with the best of the best — or you’re a homeowner who wants the most immaculate lawn possible — we have what you need. Check out roller sizes right here — or talk to our team to get prices!

Lawn Roller Dimensions

lawn roller dimensions

The larger the lawn roller, the more ground it can smooth out in a single pass. Thus, the main benefit of larger units is that they are more efficient, which is a huge benefit for handling large commercial greens and estates. Lawn roller dimensions are measured in terms of rolling width and frame width. The frame width refers to the size of the piece of equipment, whereas the rolling width is the effective area — which is the number to use when deciding on your new lawn roller size. So, for example a 72-inch lawn roller would cover six-feet of ground at once.

Here are several common lawn roller dimensions and how you may want to use them:

60-Inch Lawn Roller

The 60-inch lawn roller is the smallest and most affordable of all of our units. Meant for rolling large lawns, it may be slightly undersized for trying to handle the acres of a golf course or many football fields. However, the 60-inch lawn roller is also more accessible because it can be hauled by an ATV or a small tractor.

Looking for other things your ATV can do? ATV dump trailers also make use of a quad.

72-Inch Lawn Roller

A popular choice for homeowners, landscapers, and some sports field managers, this roller is a full foot larger than the 60-inch. Like all of our units, the 72-inch lawn roller boasts all of the same heavy-duty power of our larger lawn roller sizes. While this roller is considered large, it may still be too small for use on truly expansive properties, like golf courses.

96-Inch Lawn Roller

A full three-feet larger than our 60-inch lawn roller, this size makes quick work of smaller properties and even allows you to tackle some commercial grounds maintenance with ease. As the lawn roller size increases, so does the weight of the equipment, which can necessitate a substantial lawn tractor to haul it. Whichever roller you’re looking at, make sure to ask us about the vehicle pre-requisites, too.

144-Inch Lawn Roller

Boasting the largest lawn roller dimensions of any individual unit, this is a great professional solution. Whether you have multiple full-width sports fields to keep in shape or even a golf course or two, this lawn roller delivers serious efficiency. Many colleges, country clubs, and other organizations have at least one of this size in their fleet.

Gang Rollers (Up to 21-Feet)

Even with the biggest lawn roller dimensions to choose from, some spaces can be simply too large to handle with a single roller. That’s why we developed a line of gang rollers that combine multiple individual rollers for enormous coverage. With the widest rolling width at 21-feet, these are truly a standout solution for the largest of lawns. Due to the enormous amount of acreage to roll, golf courses are the place that gang rollers see the most use.

Check Exact Prices on All Lawn Roller Sizes

lawn roller prices

Whether you’re a homeowner looking into making your estate as immaculate as you’ve always wanted, or you’re a professional looking to work even smarter — we built our equipment for you! If you want to take the next step, we encourage you to reach out to our team to get prices on the lawn roller size or sizes that fit your needs.

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