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How To Fix A Bumpy Lawn?

bumpy lawn

Lumpy lawns and misshapen mounds of turf can harm your home’s curb appeal and turn outdoor entertaining into a hassle. Fortunately, the team at TurfTime Equipment knows exactly how to fix a bumpy lawn and can stop unsightly soil from affecting the beauty and functionality of your yard.

What are some of the root causes of these bumps in the first place, and what are the first steps that should be taken toward amending your uneven grass? Read on to discover how to fix a bumpy lawn, and be sure to check out our Heavy Duty Greens Roller to make sure you’ve got everything you need to conquer your rough range!

What Is Causing Bumps In My Lawn?

causes of bump lawns

At some point, every property owner has to question what is causing bumps in their lawn. Bumps can be caused by a variety of factors, and they are inevitable. However, learning exactly what is causing bumps in your lawn is the first step toward combating them. Here are a few common reasons why lawn bumps form:

  • Seasonal Changes – As temperatures decrease in the fall and winter months, the constant freezing and thawing of your lawn can lead to uneven patches.
  • Excessive Rain – During very rainy periods in which soil remains constantly wet, it’s possible for some areas of your lawn to clump up before drying, leaving behind unwanted lumps.
  • Heavy Foot Traffic – If you frequently entertain guests outdoors, foot traffic just might be what is causing bumps in your lawn.
  • Pests & Vermin – Small burrowing animals such as rabbits or moles could be the culprits causing your unwanted yard bumps.
  • Mowing Patterns – Believe it or not, your own mowing patterns could be what is causing bumps in your lawn. If you mow in the same pattern each time, you may end up forming some of these bumps yourself!

If you’re still not sure what is causing bumps in your lawn, it is going to be increasingly difficult to find a solution for how to fix a bumpy lawn effectively. Be sure to get in touch with us via our contact page or by phone. We’ve got the tools and the knowledge to help you restore even the most out-of-shape yards.

How To Fix a Lumpy Lawn

lumpy lawn

Now that we’ve identified some of the common causes of yard lumps, let’s look into how to fix a lumpy lawn. There are a few different approaches homeowners can take, though it’s important to remember that repetition will be key. If you don’t routinely take measures to protect your property, you’ll be left wondering how to fix a lumpy yard all over again.



Thatch is a layer of plant matter that can accumulate across your yard over time. If left for long enough, it can deprive certain spots of water and sunlight, leaving your yard with an uneven look. A dethatcher can clear this up and prevent thatch from causing more yard lumps. Check out our Pull Behind Dethatcher Shopping Guide to learn what kind of equipment might be right for you.


Spreading Topdressing

Topdressing is a mix of organic material that can be spread across your lawn to fill in any pits and worn-out patches. If your lawn is large enough, you may want to consider purchasing one of TurfTime Equipment’s topdresser models to make the job easier.



If you can’t find an answer for how to fix your lumpy lawn, you should think about ripping up the existing grass and replanting.

The Best Way To Flatten Your Yard

flatten your yard

If you’re wondering how to flatten your yard as efficiently as possible, we recommend looking into a residential lawn roller. Residential lawn rollers make it easy to flatten out mounds and ensure that your outdoor area stays level. While we offer both fairway gang rollers and heavy duty turf rollers, the heavy duty turf rollers would be the best fit for homeowners looking for residential lawn roller models. Either way, you certainly won’t be left wondering how to flatten your yard in the future!

Shop Lawn Rollers And Other Equipment From TurfTime Equipment

Once you’ve learned how to flatten your yard, you’ve conquered half the battle! The next step in fixing your bumpy lawn is to find the proper tools you need to get the job done efficiently.

TurfTime Equipment is your one-stop shop for your commercial and residential lawn care needs. From flattening out a fairway to spreading topdressing across a backyard, we’ve got everything you need to turn your property into a work of landscaping art!

Contact us today to let us know about the challenges facing your lawn, and we’ll set you on a path toward restoring and maintaining your prized outdoor space.


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