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Best ATV Dump Trailer for Personal & Professional Use

best atv dump trailer

Up to two tons of hauling capacity — no truck or tractor required. That’s what the best ATV dump trailer can do for you. Our quad trailers are a popular piece of equipment for homeowners, farmers, and groundskeeping professionals alike as they provide MANY of the options of a larger trailer — yet can be hauled by a robust ATV. Keep reading because we’re profiling our ultra-tough, light duty product line and comparing it to the average competition. These light dump trailers are used for everything from hauling mulch and firewood, to disposing yard waste and much more.

At TurfTime Equipment, we build a line of elite-level turf equipment that sees use everywhere from suburban lawns to huge national sports stadiums. Every single one of our equipment lines is built to provide reliable performance and labor-saving accessories to help you work smarter. Check out the traits that the best ATV dump trailers all have!

5 Points to Look for in a Quad Dump Trailer

quad dump trailer

Your ATV doesn’t have to just be for fun anymore — you can put it to work, too! A quad dump trailer is a fantastic investment if you need flexible hauling capabilities but don’t want to invest in the expense of a compact tractor. Just because this is a lighter-duty piece of equipment doesn’t mean we build it to a standard any less than the very best — here’s what sets it apart:


It Can Haul 4,000 Lbs.

Our quad dump trailers are a serious piece of equipment, and the 2-ton hauling capacity drives that point home. Thanks to its ultra-strong design and construction, this unit can handle almost anything you throw at it. Bottom line: we doubt you’ll find a competitor’s ATV trailer that can match this!


Large Capacity Bed

The other reason that our quad dump trailers can transport two tons is that the bed is large and deep enough to accommodate a lot of material. The bed has the capacity for 1-cubic yard of material, meaning you can haul an amount of material that is 3 feet deep by 3 feet wide and 3 feet across. This means you can work more efficiently, making less trips than with an undersized unit.

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Electric Hydraulic Pump

One of the key traits that we feel earns us the designation of the best ATV dump trailer is the option for an electric hydraulic pump. This gives you the ability to push a button to activate the dump to drop your cargo. Without this, you’d need to get off the ATV and manually upend and dump the cargo bed. This attachment, in particular, is unique to TurfTime. Since quads don’t have hydraulic controls (unlike utility tractors), setting up hydraulics wasn’t as simple — but our ATV trailer system works just as well!


Full Steel Frame and Bed

The entire frame and bed of these trailers are built of stainless steel. Unlike some cheaper quad dump trailers, there are no flimsy plastic parts or components anywhere. This is one more way that we ensure that anything bearing the TurfTime name lasts for decades. To give you an idea of how well-built and heavy-duty this trailer is — it weighs 750 lbs. when empty. You may want to double check that your ATV can handle a robust piece of equipment like this!


High Angle for Dumping

The best ATV dump trailer is one that is designed for the real challenges and work you handle. That’s why our trailers feature a 54-degree dump angle. That is a nearly straight up and down angle, which makes most contents slide right out. Some less carefully designed units we’ve seen have the wrong angles and need to be manually dumped.

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Price: Around $4,500 — Buy Now

The best ATV dump trailer will make a wide range of outdoor chores easier and more convenient. Both homeowners and professionals have told us that it is a fantastic time-saving investment. Our quad dump trailers deliver enormous power and convenience — to everyone who doesn’t have a tractor!

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