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Why You Should Roll Your Lawn

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Benefits of Rolling Your Lawn

My grandfather used to tell me that he needed to get out his turf roller every spring and run it over his back yard lawn ‘to prevent the spirits underneath from rising up through the ground’. While that may not have been strictly accurate, it ended up being beneficial for his lawn anyway. Using that heavy duty ground roller always helped to identify any rough spots or areas that required re-seeding.

Using a heavy duty ground roller on your lawn or field is extremely beneficial. From golf courses, to grass airstrips, rolling your grass makes a huge difference in your field’s overall health. If you own a property with a large grass field or lawn, such as a large estate, golf course, or sports complex, you will love the benefits of using a turf roller from TurfTime Equipment.

When You Should Use a Ground Roller

There are some definite benefits to rolling your lawn regularly, even if you don’t do it every single springtime. It very often happens that irregularities develop in the height of your lawn, and if these aren’t smoothed out in the spring when the ground is still moist and pliable, those irregularities can be locked in for the entire summer and fall, as the ground dries and hardens into place.

Whether you have a small lawn to roll or a very large one, you’ll be able to find the perfect heavy duty lawn roller at Turftime Equipment. When you choose one of the models from the AR-Series of rollers, you’ll have the advantage of rolling out anywhere from a 60″ rolling width, up to a full 144″, which will get the job done faster and more smoothly. Here are some of the other advantages to be gained by periodically rolling your lawn:

  • After seeding or re-seeding – When you roll your lawn after an initial seeding, or after a re-seeding which you’ve conducted, it helps all the seeds come into contact with the soil, and that speeds up the process of germination.
  • Following the installation of fresh sod – There are often air pockets which develop during the installation of sod, and when these occur, it will take longer for the sod to get established and thrive in its new setting. By rolling the new sod, most of these air pockets will be eliminated, and the sod will come into solid contact with the soil beneath it, thus encouraging a faster bond between the sod and the underlying soil.
  • When springtime bumpiness occurs – It’s very normal for bumps and other uneven patches to develop in your lawn after a long winter, especially when heavy snows have had a chance to pile up in certain areas. It’s also possible that various ground animals may have burrowed into your lawn, creating tunnels or hiding places which they can inhabit. If you notice any of these kinds of irregularities in your lawn during your annual spring checkup, it may be time to pull out your heavy duty Turftime Equipment lawn roller.
  • Establishing uniformity – There are times when certain sections of your lawn will settle more than others over the course of a winter season, and in the springtime, that will cause uneven sections to appear in your lawn. These can all be smoothed out with a heavy duty ground roller while the ground is still moist and soft after winter. When the ground firms up in summer time, the job would be much harder to accomplish.

Why You Should Use a Ground Roller

A ground roller from Turftime Equipment will help you accomplish what needs to be done in order to restore a smooth lawn surface around your home.

Re-seeding: Whether it’s a general re-seeding or one which addresses a specific area of your lawn, your lawn roller will help encourage faster germination and quicker-growing grass over the affected area.

Fresh Sod: If you need to apply fresh sod over a damaged area of your lawn, that too will take much more quickly if you run your turf roller over it a couple times, so as to eliminate air pockets beneath the sod, and to establish immediate contact between the sod and the ground below it.

Leveling Surface: Smoothing out some bumps which have developed in your lawn over the winter season, there’s no better time to do that than the spring time, and there’s no better piece of equipment to accomplish it with than a Turftime Equipment heavy duty ground roller.

Lawn Rolling Equipment Near You

Turftime Equipment is your one-stop shop for all your lawn rolling equipment needs. We offer a wide variety of lawn rollers to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a smaller roller for your home or a large roller for commercial use, we have the perfect solution for you.

We pride ourselves on providing high-quality products at competitive prices. Our team of experts are always available to help you select the right lawn roller for your needs – contact us today!

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