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How to Grow the Perfect Lawn: From the Experts

how to grow the perfect lawn

For many people, a beautiful lawn is the finishing touch on their home décor. After all, it makes any house look even better! However, achieving that picture perfect lawn takes careful work, a strategy, and the right equipment. In today’s blog, we’re exploring how to grow the perfect lawn — one whose color and fullness will turn heads.

At TurfTime, we build ground maintenance equipment used everywhere from homes to the largest golf courses and athletic fields in the country. Our clients depend on our equipment to grow the healthiest grass that looks good enough to be seen by millions on HD televisions all across the country. We’re sharing our expert tips specifically for homes to help teach you how to grow the perfect lawn.

6 Professional Lawn Care Tips to Try Right Now

professional lawn care tips

Whether you want to implement a few of these strategies or employ all of them, you should see a noticeable result. However, the biggest impact comes from leveraging all 6 of our professional lawn care tips over the course of the year. See what we recommend:


Sharpen Your Mower Blades

One of the simplest things you can do is also the most effective. Whether you have a push or riding mower, make sure to sharpen your mower blades often — approximately every 4 months. When the blades are dull, the grass won’t be cut cleanly but will instead tear. This can lead to an uneven length and even sections of grass that turn brown.


Aerate Your Lawn

This is a professional lawn care tip that your average homeowner doesn’t do, but you’re missing the serious advantages if you don’t! Aerating a lawn (done by putting small holes in the ground) ensures that the grass has ample oxygen to grow its healthiest. In particular, aerating is responsible for creating a lush and green grass color — which is why it’s a part of nearly every professional groundskeeper’s routine. We recommend aerating your lawn once a month over the summer and twice in the spring, as well as twice in the fall. Buying your own professional-quality aerator is more affordable than most people think — our models start between $1,200 and $1,500.


Mow When the Grass is Dry

Another easy professional lawn care tip, simply adjust your routine so that you mow when the grass is dry. The rule of thumb we often hear is if you can walk through the lawn without getting wet shoes, you’re in the clear to mow. When mowing wet grass, the grass clumps together, making it much harder to achieve the pristine even cut you want.


Fertilize at the Right Times

While most homeowners who care about healthy and beautiful grass know to fertilize, they don’t always do it often enough for the maximum impact. Since we don’t know what the soil is like where you live, we don’t want to recommend a type of fertilizer. However, we do recommend fertilizing your lawn in every season (even during the fall and winter) to ensure that your lawn has the necessary nutrients to grow strong.

See our year-round lawn care routine.


Roll Your Lawn

If you’re wondering how to grow the perfect lawn, you need to learn about the effectiveness of rolling. Lawn rolling is the primary secret to how golf courses achieve such gorgeous and smooth grass — now, you can bring it to your own lawn for much less than you’d expect. By dragging one of our specifically designed turf rollers over your grass, you will smooth out any bumps, creating a true professional look. You’ll have to do this several times in the spring to achieve the texture you want, but you will only need to follow it up once or twice per year after that. You can get a homeowner’s designed roller for around $1,500 — and the difference is worth it!


Dethatch Like a Pro

Thatch is the term for dead organic materials (mostly grass and feeds) that accumulate around the base of your grass. This thatch can actually keep vital water and nutrients from reaching the roots of the grass plants. Dethatching your lawn regularly using a verticutter is essential to growing the healthiest and most vibrant lawn. However, a high-quality verticutter — starting around $6,000 — can cost more money than most homeowners want to spend. If you do choose to invest (either on your own or with some neighbors), you’ll be rewarded with the healthiest lawn possible.

Everything We Build is Professional Quality

While we stand by these professional lawn care tips that you can use to grow the most attractive lawn on your block, we primarily build machines for commercial clients. Our equipment sees use on NFL fields, MLB diamonds, and huge golf courses where the grass needs to be pristine every time. Every single one of our homeowner-specific machines — whether it’s an aerator, roller, or verticutter — is built to the same impeccable standard that we use for professional landscaping tools. When you buy a piece of equipment from TurfTime, you’re trusting the same line as the nation’s best landscapers.

Get the Right Equipment to Grow the Perfect Lawn

Learning how to grow the perfect lawn is a combination of both expert knowledge and the right equipment. At TurfTime Equipment, we want to provide both to homeowners. We hope you found these professional lawn care tips helpful and are ready to try a few of them right now. When it comes to getting the elite equipment you need, we’re the team to trust. If you have questions about what equipment to invest in or you want to get specific prices, talk to our team today!

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