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Year-Round Turf & Grass Care Tips

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The healthiest, most attractive grass comes from year-round work to make it look exceptional. The lush grass you see on TV during a pro golf tournament or a football game is the product of a meticulous maintenance plan. Whether you’re a homeowner or professional groundskeeper, these are the grass care tips that can improve your lawn or your grounds.

At TurfTime Equipment, we build elite-quality turf care equipment that sees use in homes, golf courses, and stadiums all across the country. In today’s blog, we’re sharing our recommended grass care tips for each season — based on years of industry experience and information from the agricultural department of Pennsylvania State University. Keep reading to see our lawn care schedule for every season — or shop for turf equipment right now!

Lawn Care Schedule for Every Season

That gorgeous turf you’ve been admiring is the result of hard and careful work performed all year long. While you likely have all of the simple tools you need, when it comes to the bigger, heavy-duty equipment, we’re the team to invest with. Check out our season-by-season lawn care schedule:

Winter Lawn Maintenance

Winter lawn maintenance primarily involves putting in a strong foundation for healthy grass you’re looking to grow in the spring. These are our key grass care tips recommended for winter:

  • Soil Testing — Take some time over the winter to have a soil test done to check the pH levels in the ground. Balancing the pH is essential to ensuring optimal grass nutrition.
  • Liming the Grass — If your lawn is acidic, adding lime into the lawn will restore it to a healthy balance. Doing this over the winter allows the lime to absorb before spring.
  • Fertilization — Since it is so essential, fertilization appears multiple times on our lawn care schedule. Doing this over the winter ensures nutrients will be present when the grass starts growing.

Spring Lawn Maintenance

One of the busiest times on the lawn care schedule, expect to spend a bit of time in spring working on your lawn. These are the essential spring lawn maintenance items:

  • Top Dressing — One of the more advanced lawn care tips, top dressing involves spreading a thin layer of soil over the grass to protect the surface and encourage healthy growth.
  • Fertilization — Once again, you’ll want to ensure that your lawn is receiving ample nutrition to create the lush, healthy look you want.
  • Weed Control Preparation — During spring lawn maintenance, you’ll need to eradicate the early weeds that have come up, while preparing for the summer influx of weeds.
  • Grub Control — Spring is also the right time to deal with any grubs or pests that are damaging your lawn as well.

Summer Lawn Maintenance

Summertime is primarily meant for enjoying the hard work you put into your turf. This is the main duty you need to perform during the summer months:

  • Weed Control — Since a whole different crop of weeds emerge during the summer, you’ll need to keep them in check to ensure they don’t leech vital nutrients from your lawn.

Fall Lawn Maintenance

Fall is a crucial season in our lawn care schedule. Aerating your lawn, which is one of the most important ways to keep it healthy, takes place during the fall. Here’s what you should plan to do as part of your fall lawn maintenance:

  • Aeration — When aerating your turf, you use a dedicated aerating machine to slice or spoon into the soil to infuse it with air. This promotes healthy growth and is an essential part of professional lawn care.
  • Fertilization — Continuing to keep your grass well fed and fertilized is key to promoting its healthy regrowth for the following year.
  • Top Dressing — Top dressing should be performed as part of fall lawn maintenance as well. In fact, we recommend that you follow the aeration process with top dressing.

There’s no question that aeration is an essential part of lawn care. Learn more about what an aerator costs.

Elite Quality Equipment for Everyone lawn care schedule

Whether maintaining professional quality grass is part of your job duties or a personal passion of yours, TurfTime makes equipment to serve you. The majority of our equipment comes in a range of sizes and prices. This means we have models accessible to homeowners designed for their needs and budgets. However, we are probably best known for supporting professional ground crews with expansive properties and a need for the heaviest-duty equipment on the market. Simply put: if you care about having the best, we can help!

All TurfTime Equipment, from rollers to aerators, is built to the same high standard. You can count on the frames for all of our pieces to last a lifetime.

Make These Grass Care Tips Easy with TurfTime

The right equipment is an investment in your property, and maintaining your grass is a year-round commitment. Having the right lawn care pieces at hand makes all of these professional grass care tips easier and much more convenient. If you’re ready to take the next step, our team is standing by. Reach out to discuss your current inventory, your needs, and your budget.

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