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Traits of the Best Dump Trailers on the Market

best dump trailers on the market

It’s your equipment budget, so you make sure to spend it wisely. Investing in any new piece of machinery demands real research to ensure you’re getting the best choice for your money. We’re highlighting what makes for the best dump trailers on the market — and what makes ours such a good choice for the price.

At TurfTime Equipment, we construct a wide range of ground maintenance equipment that lets homeowners work smarter. When it comes to our dump trailers, we primarily supply them to athletic field managers, professional groundskeepers, and landscapers. Learn more about what makes for the best dump trailers on the market — or reach out to our team to get prices right now!

What to Expect from the Best Dump Trailer Brands

The best dump trailer brands aren’t necessarily the ones with the biggest name but the ones that provide the advantages that make a difference for real working professionals. These are the must-have traits your new dump trailer needs:


Option for a Walking Axle

A crucial option for athletic fields, having a walking axle means that the wheels can be aligned in a straight line. The reason that this is an advantage is that it provides superior maneuverability and allows for sharper turns.

See our year-round turf maintenance calendar.


Mesh Side Extensions

The taller the sides on your dump trailer, the more you can fill it up and the more ways you can use it. We equip our trailers with mesh side extensions that make the sides of the bed taller — this makes hauling almost anything more convenient. In fact, our mesh side extensions are a key to leaf cleanup and fraise mowing. During leaf collection the higher sides mean you can carry more leaves per load.

The extra-tall sides are a necessary prerequisite for fraise mowing. For those who have never heard of it, fraise mowing is a turf maintenance technique in which grass and the top 1/8 inch of dirt is stripped off and shot into a dump trailer, creating smoother and healthier grass.


Heavy Duty Capacity

While not every organization or professional has a use for it, if you need it you should have access to it. That’s why we say that the best dump trailer brand needs to offer a true heavy duty dump trailer option. Our heaviest dump trailers have a 14,000 lb capacity and have a tandem axle.


Sufficient Bed Size

Another key trait of the best dump trailers on the market is that they all offer large bed sizes. The right sized bed is key to ensuring you can haul as much as you need, allowing you to work as efficiently as you can.


Welded Frame

The final trait that all of the best dump trailer brands share is the longevity that comes from superior construction. While some cheaper dump trailers may be bolted together to cut down on labor time, our frames (like our trailer beds) are fully welded together. This allows our equipment to last as long as you need, rather than falling apart or needing repairs after just a few years.

Want a trailer that offers all five of these advantages? That’s TurfTime!

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Meeting All of Your Turf Care Needs

While dump trailers may be the focus of today’s blog, they are just the beginning of the line of equipment we design specifically for turf care professionals. Everything we build from our verticutters and top dressers to our aerators are designed to provide superior performance as well as solutions real professionals care about. If you have any questions about dump trailers or anything else, we encourage you to reach out today!

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The best dump trailers on the market will provide you with decades of performance and the innovative extras that let you work smarter every day. If you’re considering investing in one of our dump trailers and have questions, a knowledgeable team member is standing by. If you want to get your exact price, reach out right now — we also offer financing options!

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