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Dump Trailer Size Guide: How to Find the Right-Sized Trailer for You

dump trailer size guide

Whether you’re working on your home’s lawn or a landscaping job, the right equipment can make things go faster and more efficiently. A dump trailer is an ideal tool for transporting dirt, turf, materials, debris, and more across your lawn or project site with ease.

We understand that purchasing a dump trailer is an investment, that’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive dump trailer size guide to help you choose the right model. TurfTime Equipment manufactures everything from mini dump trailers to large dump trailers, as well as a large selection of other turf management equipment.

Read on to dive deep into our advice on finding the dump trailer size that will fit your turf management project!

Small Dump Trailers

A small dump trailer is an ideal fit for individuals that only need to transport light amounts. These mini dump trailers are an excellent fit for several types of projects:

small dump trailer

  • Residential: If you have a large lawn, you can use this mini trailer to get light jobs done quickly.
  • Landscaping: If you need a small dump trailer size for moving around a project site with obstacles quickly, this trailer is a great option for you.
  • Agriculture: When you need to transport and deposit soil for planting, a small dump trailer can help transport the soil around your property.

The mini dump trailer size from TurfTime Equipment has an 80” long by 52” inch wide bed with a 4,000-pound capacity. It’s an excellent solution for off-road use when not traveling at more than 20 MPH. This small dump trailer also features removable sides, a tailgate, and an ag pin hitch.

When you want small jobs done quickly and efficiently, a mini dump trailer from TurfTime Equipment is a reliable solution you can count on.

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Medium-Duty Dump Trailers

Our medium-duty dump trailers are an ideal solution for commercial settings with larger trucks.

medium duty dump trailer

  • Agriculture: A medium-duty dump trailer is a helpful tool when you need to handle larger loads for agricultural landscaping. Hydraulic loading makes it far easier to dump fuller amounts safely and effectively.
  • Construction: A dump trailer is a multifunctional tool on a construction site. The medium-duty dump trailer is an excellent way to collect garbage, scrap, and debris for hauling off at the end of the day.
  • Landscaping: Landscapers can use medium-duty trailers to collect larger quantities of mulch, topsoil and other materials.

The medium trailer size from TurfTime Equipment features an 84” long by 61” wide bed with a hefty 6,000-pound capacity with optional mesh side extensions.

When you need to tackle the tougher jobs on your farm, construction site, or landscaping project, the medium trailer from TurfTime Equipment can help you get the job done right.

Shop medium dump trailers here.

Large Dump Trailers

You can trust large dump trailers to help get the tough jobs done. Some of the most common applications for large dump trailers include:

large dump trailer

  • Golf Courses: Golf course maintenance is key to maintaining a proper green for quality play. A big dump trailer can help you to haul and unload turf across your course.
  • Sports Fields: An attractive playing field is only as valuable as its safety. You can use a big dump trailer to move turf, sand, equipment, and much more.
  • General Hauling: Whether you need to haul metal scraps, sand or anything in between, a large dump trailer can help.

The large dump trailer from TurfTime helps you tackle the toughest jobs with 4-wheel tandem axles and a heavy-duty weight capacity of 12,000 pounds. The bed size is 108” long by 78” wide and features an extra-strength construction with a powerful tailgate with fold-down chain support and top hinge.

When you need tough reliability for the biggest projects, a large dump trailer from TurfTime will give you all of the capacity you need to haul large loads.

Shop large dump trailers here.

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TurfTime Equipment is a leading manufacturer of turf machinery, including all dump trailer sizes, aerators, verticutters, and more. We help homeowners and commercial businesses get great turf in less time with the right equipment. Our equipment can be used to improve the appearance, health and safety of sports fields and arenas, golf courses, parks and green spaces, airstrips, and more!

Ready to find your small, medium, or large dump trailer solution? Whether you’re a busy professional landscaper or a homeowner who wants to up the curb appeal of your lawn, we have the tools and expertise you need to care for your lawn. Contact us now to explore pricing options or browse our wide selection of dump trailers in all sizes now!

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