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tractor dump trailers

Dump trailers are a versatile piece of equipment that sees professional use on golf courses, fields, parks, and much more. Tractor dump trailers are a popular style of this piece of equipment as they can be hauled by a garden tractor rather than a heavy-duty pickup truck. Not only does this make them more accessible, but it also ensures they see use in places you’d never drive a full truck.

At TurfTime Equipment, we build a wide range of turf equipment, including three different tiers of trailers. To help you find the right tractor dump trailer for your needs, we’re breaking down these three options based on capacity. Keep reading to find your trailer — or reach out right now to get pricing from our team!

Dump Trailer Capacity & Model Breakdown

All three tiers of dump trailers we build are built tough and come with a wide range of smart add-ons. Since our units see the most work hauling sand, topsoil, and gravel, we measure the dump trailer capacity in cubic yards.

dump trailer capacity Light Duty Trailer: 1-Cubic Yard Capacity

Weighing in at just 750 lbs. when empty, our light duty trailers are light enough that they can even be pulled by an ATV. With a dump trailer capacity of 1-cubic yard, this trailer may be slightly too small for some large commercial applications but is great for professional landscaping crews. The bed size on this fully-steel trailer checks in at 80″ long by 52″ wide. Like all of our dump trailers, removable sides make your job easier.

medium duty tractor dump trailer Medium Duty Trailer: 2-Cubic Yard Capacity

Our medium duty dump trailer is a step up from our light model in more ways than one. Firstly, the 2-cubic yard dump trailer capacity doubles the previous, making this model a more popular choice for baseball diamonds and sports field maintenance. While the capacity is doubled, the trailer is not too much larger checking in at 84” long by 61” wide. This means that it is still easy to maneuver — even if it does require a full lawn tractor. One other convenience factor with our medium tractor dump trailer is that the mesh side extensions go up to 36” high to keep your materials safely on board.

heavy-duty dump trailer capacity Heavy-Duty Trailer (DT-12): 4.5-Cubic Yard Capacity

A great option for large golf courses and campuses with multiple sports fields, this dump trailer is a smart buy. The 4.5-cubic yard capacity provides more than enough hauling potential for most commercial uses. With a bed at 108″ long by 78″ wide and an empty weight around 2,200, this unit is a great middle ground between our medium trailer and our extra heavy-duty option. This tractor also can come with our tallest mesh side extensions measuring at 40” high.

extra heavy-duty tractor dump trailer Extra Heavy-Duty Trailer (DT-14): 6-Cubic Yard Capacity

A truly massive heavy-duty tractor dump trailer, everything about our DT-14 model is bigger. The 6-cubic yard capacity is unparalleled, as is the 132” by 78” bed. A trailer of this size ensures that making multiple trips to haul anything is a thing of the past. To ensure that this unit can handle the massive capacity, we equip it with tandem axles — and it’s the only model to come standard with them. When investing in a dump trailer like this, make sure you have a tractor that can handle the 2,600 lbs. frame, not to mention the weight of whatever you’re hauling!

The Importance of Durability

While the bed sizes, capacities, and other factors separate the different tiers of our trailers, they have much more in common. The no-corners-cut construction and the durability that come with them make all the difference. While some cheaper dump trailers may have frames that are bolted together to save manufacturing time, we go the extra mile to equip all of our units with welded frames. This ensures that our trailers (and all of our equipment) last for decades rather than falling apart after a few years of heavy use.

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