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The Difference in Using a Commercial Grass Aerator

If your goal is to grow the healthiest grass or turf, then you need to aerate it. Aerating is the process of putting holes in your soil to facilitate grass growth by bringing both oxygen and nutrients into the soil. The aerator you use to do this essential job can make all of the difference.

At TurfTime Equipment, we build a wide range of heavy-duty grounds maintenance equipment, ranging from aerators to lawn rollers and verticutters. Our equipment is used by both professional groundskeepers and dedicated homeowners who want to craft impeccable lawns. Keep reading to see what sets a commercial grass aerator apart from the rest!


Three Main Types of Lawn Aerators

There’s no question that if you aerate properly, your grass will be look more lush and be more resilient. However, in order to reap the full benefits of aerating your grass, you need to have a sufficient piece of equipment. Check out the main types of aerators and see what you can expect from each:

  Manual Lawn Aerator 

manual grass aerator

The most basic type of lawn aerator, a manual option works in much the same way as a push lawn mower. As you push the aerator along the ground, the spikes will press into the ground and aerate. While these can be found for less than $50, there are serious concerns about the effectiveness of the product. Not only is it challenging to cover a large area, but it can be hard to even make an impact on the ground. When an organization is looking to invest in a commercial grass aerator, they rarely consider this type, however, some homeowners will. If you’re looking for real results, we don’t recommend this type of lawn aerator.


✔️ Very affordable


❌ Almost impossible to cover a large area

❌ Physically hard to operate

❌ Rarely penetrates ground effectively


  Powered Push Aerator 

types of lawn aerators

The next tier of grass aerator, a push behind aerator is very comparable to a standard powered lawn mower. The price is also similar in the few-hundred-dollar range. While it is far more effective than a manual lawn aerator, a powered push aerator won’t deliver professional performance. Firstly, the tines are often shorter than what you’d find on a real commercial aerator, which limits how effective the aeration is. On top of that, these products are simply too small to be able to work quickly or efficiently. An average size push aerator is 15” – our smallest commercial aerator is more than three times that size!


✔️ Fairly affordable

✔️ Has a small impact


❌ Challenging to cover a large area

❌ Short tines are not effective


  Tow Behind Aerator 

tow behind grass aerator

This is the gold standard for commercial grass aerators. Every professional groundskeeper knows this is the only type of aerator to consider. The deep tines are proven to be effective at rejuvenating the grass – plus, the huge size and tow behind nature of this mower means even larger spaces like football fields can be done quickly. Plus, TurfTime aerators are extremely durable and come with a range of custom touches to make your work easier!


✔️ Huge impact on the health and look of the grass

✔️ Can cover huge areas quickly

✔️ Built tough to last

✔️ Far more custom options


❌ Larger upfront investment

❌ Requires a lawn tractor


What Sets Our Line of Aerators Apart

There’s no question that commercial tow behind aerators are the best type of aerators to make a difference for your grass – and TurfTime’s options stand above the rest. We build our machines with multiple styles of extra-long tines to ensure that extra slice is effective. On top of that, the base of our aerators goes all the way up to 10 feet, ensuring that even huge areas like golf courses can use our equipment. Finally, all of our machines are built tough with welded frames to ensure they outlast the competition.

Learn more about the traits of the best aerators here.


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Effects of using a grass aerator

If you want to make a real difference for your grass, an aerator is a must-buy. If you’re ready to bring one of our commercial grass aerators to your grounds or estate, our team is standing by to help. The first step is reaching out to discuss the model that fits your property and budget – and then getting a price.

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