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Tow Behind Aerator: Advantages & Options

tow behind aerator

As aerating turf becomes more and more recognized as a necessary part of turf or grass maintenance, every grounds crew and landscaping company is going to be looking for a piece of equipment to invest in. There are two primary options right now: a tow behind aerator and a walk behind aerator. Similar names, similar uses — but VERY different ways of getting the job done. A tow behind unit (also called a pull behind aerator) must be towed by a lawn tractor but offers an unbeatable range of benefits. However, a self-propelled, walk behind unit has the engine included with the aerator and is more like a snow blower.

At TurfTime Equipment, we build a wide range of ground maintenance equipment that professionals trust to work hard and efficiently. See what makes our tow behind aerators the smartest choice for almost all professionals. If you’re ready to start pricing our units, please send us a message or call today!

Pull Behind Aerators vs Walk Behind Aerators

pull behind aerators

Aerating gives a lawn added water, nutrients, and air — all of which make it more resilient and look extra lush. Experts agree that without aerating at least twice a year, you can’t achieve these results. For any serious crew that needs to cover a large amount of space, a powered aerator is a necessity. While there are pros and cons of each, pull behind aerators are the right choice for most professionals — see the advantages right here:

  • Advantage: Tow Behind

You’re comparing the engine on your trusty lawn tractor against the built-in gas or electric engine of a walk behind aerator. Your tractor will be faster by a long shot, and that will pay you back in the time it takes to perform this essential turf maintenance task. It’s like comparing a top of the line zero turn mower with a self-propelled push mower — there’s no comparison!

  • Advantage: Tow Behind

Not only do we know that a pull behind aerator is backed by the engine on your tractor, but the efficiency doesn’t stop there. One of our tow behind units tends to be at least twice as wide with twice as many spoons or tines as your average walk behind unit. This means that our pull behind aerator makes the job go twice as fast as the competition (walk behind aerators). Because you’re letting the tractor do all the work, you reap the rewards when it comes to efficiency.

  • Advantage: Tie

This question is more complicated than you might think. Our entry-level aerator costs around $1,155 — and costs far less than a basic self-propelled aerator. Even our more expensive options meant for huge fields are comparable in price, if not slightly less than most other commercial aerators. However, the difference is that you need a lawn tractor in order to be able to use a pull behind aerator. For most professionals that’s not an issue, though, as they already have at least one in their equipment fleet.

See more aerator prices right here.

Labor Saving Potential
  • Advantage: Tow Behind

Not only does the tow behind aerator save you about half the time, but it makes the minutes and hours using it easier, too. All you need to do is drive the tractor up and down your field or grounds and our machine handles most of the work. While a professional walk behind aerator is self-propelled, you’re still expending a lot of effort and breaking a serious sweat.

  • Advantage: Walk Behind

It’s only fair to include the primary advantage of a walk behind aerator — it is a fully self-sufficient machine. This actually makes it more popular with homeowners than most commercial landscapers or groundskeepers, though, since a quality tractor is almost always on hand.

Ready to invest in a tow behind unit? Prices start around $1,155!

The TurfTime Difference

While our equipment may be used on some of the largest professional sports fields, we’re a fairly small company that still believes in doing things the right way. For example, if you want to ask questions or place an order, simply call our headquarters. You won’t have to wait on hold, and you won’t have to navigate through a call center — you’ll talk to someone knowledgeable.

Plus, all of our units are built in the United States, which means a higher-durability product. This is why we confidently say that the frames of our aerators will last a lifetime, while other brand name options may fall apart after a few years.

Get Prices on a Tow Behind Aerator

If you’re looking to make aerating a part of your turf maintenance services, this is the key to making it efficient. The first step is to reach out to our team to get answers and prices on the tow behind aerator you want.

We encourage you to reach out to ask questions and to get your price quotes!

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