TT-3050 and TT-3065 Advantage Topdressers

TT-3065 at local High School Football Field
Two Large Spinner Spreaders for wide spread pattern 8' to 45'
TT-3050 Advantage Topdresser Spreading wet compost
TT-3050 Topdresser filling bunkers

Large Topdresser Designed to Save Time and Money:

At TurfTime Equipment we designed the 3000 Series ADVANTAGE Top dressers to save time and cut topdressing maintenance costs. The large capacity ADVANTAGE 3000 series allows less trips to the top dressing materials pile.  When spreading compost on a football field, top dressing fairways, topdressing sports complexes or adding soil amendments for sod farms or race tracks, these quality top dressers discharge materials faster than other spreaders. Save Time; Save Money.  Don't buy a used topdresser before you check out the great value of TurfTime Equipment topdressers.

Fastest Topdresser Available:

When you are ready to buy the best topdresser around see the TurfTime Equipment ADVANTAGE 3000 Series. Learn how to save time and money with the fastest topdresser on the planet.  Call 800-201-1031 or email






Drive Std: Tractor Plug-In Hydraulics / Opt: PTO Driven Pump Hydraulics
Hopper Capacity 5 yds³. struck 6.5 yds³.heaped   6.5 yds³. struck 8 yds³.heaped
Hopper Width Top 72 inches, Bottom 31 inches
Hopper Depth 42 inches
Hopper Length 8 feet 10 feet
Hopper Construction 11 gauge welded steel & Powder Coated Paint
Loading Height 84 inches with std set of 4 33-18LL-16.1 turf tires
Overall Width 92 inches with std set of 4 33-18LL-16.1 turf tires
Overall Length 16.5 feet 18.5 feet
Tire Size (Std) Four 33-18LL-16.1 - 10 ply Galaxy Turf Special 10 Ply
Controls Standard,  Manual Controls      (Optonal, Electronic controls for all features)
Metering Gate 31" wide x 17" high, 0” to 17” Manual adjust. std  (Optional-hydraulic or electric)
Apron Belt 30" wide  Crescent Style Belt w/ center tracking V- guide
Frame Construction Heavy Duty Frame and Tongue with Adjustable Clevis Hitch
Topdressing Speed 0 to 10 mph – Optimum Speed will  vary depending on ground conditions
Spinners (Std) Dual Spinners adjustable from 6' to 50' spreading width
Swivel Conveyor Opt. 180 degree Swivel Conveyor with variable speed operation-optional
Optional Beater Applies Heavy Spread Pattern from 3 ft to 10 ft
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
Weight 3200 pounds Dro