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Introducing the New FX650 Topdresser

As anyone who owns a large property knows, it is of paramount importance that you have a fleet of turf and ag equipment that will help you get the job done right. Here at Turftime Equipment, we always strive to not only provide top notch customer service, but also the highest quality equipment. We are always looking to expand our product catalog and continue to offer the latest and greatest in turf equipment. That is why we are pleased to announce the acquisition of the FX650 Topdresser from Pequea Machine, Inc., which will add to our selection of top dressers for sale.

Importance of Top Dressing Spreaders

Top dressers, sometimes known as top dressing spreaders or top dresser machines, are used to spread a thin layer of material over your grass. They are useful for covering huge areas of ground that are too large to spread the material by hand. Spreading compost or other soil amendments over your grass can help things like soil biology, drainage, and overall lawn health. After spreading, you can either rake the material into the soil, or let it rest on top and allow the first rain to leech it naturally.

FX650 Benefits and Features

The FX650 Topdresser is among the best on the market. In fact, at 6.5 cubic yards, the FX650 is the biggest material handler in the industry holding nearly 50% more than the competition. In addition, it is the only material handler with wireless remote controls, meaning you can operate it from the seat of your tractor! Another key feature of the FX650 is the front cross conveyor, allowing you to row mulch or discharge sand from the right and left sides of the machine. With four large tires and a walking beam axle, you will not have to worry about ruining your turf. The FX650 is unique in that it can be used not only as a traditional top dresser, but also as a tool to help you load smaller top dressers. It can even spread sand, compost, and other materials on fairways, sports fields, and other types of ground all without changing attachments.

New Line of Top Dresser Machines

TurfTime Equipment’s commitment to producing the highest quality turf and ag equipment has rang true for over twelve years. We are always striving to improve our product line, and the addition of the FX650 is another example of that. We are extremely excited to add the FX650 to our line of topdressers, and we know our customers will enjoy its benefits. To inquire about the FX650, give us a call at 800-201-1031 or fill out a form!

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