FX650 Material Handler

Multi use Topdresser-Material Handler spread sand from 6 ft. to 40 ft. use as a row mulcher or Material Handler to fill bunkers or smaller topdressers.



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FX650 Material Handler by TurfTime Equipment

Previously Manufactured by Pequea Equipment

The new FX650 Material Handler/Spreader boasts a wide variety of features to make it compatible for your application. The FX650 can not only move material to bunkers, irrigation and reconstruction projects, or serve as a tender for smaller topdressers, but it will also evenly spread all kinds of material up to 40 feet wide. This topdresser can carry over 6 yards of material, drastically cutting out labor and excess trips to and from your sand pile. The four large turf tires provide very low ground pressure and enable smooth and safe travel over uneven terrain. The box is fully welded 11 gauge steel with a urethane based paint to provide a maintenance free, long lasting finish that will look great for years. Wireless remote controls enable the operator to access all hydraulic controls from the seat of the tractor!

TurfTime Advantage FX650 Material Handler Specifications

Specifications subject to change without notice

Model FX650 Material Handler
Drive Tractor Hydraulic (6-10 GPM @ 1800psi required)  or PTO powered hydraulic pump
Hopper Capactity 6 Cubic Yards Struck Level
Hopper Dimensions 31” x 108” at Bottom and flares to 72” x 108” at Top
Hopper Construction 11 Gauge Painted Box
Frame Construction 5” x 2” x .187 Structural Tubing
Loading Height 84”
Overall Width (including tires) 90″
Overall Length 18′ 4″
Tire Size (4) 33/15.50 x 16.50 Turf Tire
Rear Delivery Twin Spinner Attachment -8’ to 40’ Spread Width
Side Conveyor RH Delivery: 30-degree distribution range
Cross Conveyor 5’ – RH (loading) or LH (row mulching, trench fling)
Adjustment Independent manual control of belt and spinner speed.
Metering Gate Full manual adjustment from 0” to 15” (Optional Hydraulic)
Conveyor Belt Textured Belt w/ center tracking groove
Hitch 20,000 lb rating pin hitch
Top Dressing Speed 4-9 mph depending on conditions
Transport Speed Up to 19 mph empty
Empty Weight 3,500 lbs




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