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Lawn Aerator Prices Explored

lawn aerator prices

Savvy homeowners and professionals agree: aerating grass is the key to having the lushest-looking, healthiest lawn. However, paying a company to aerate your lawn gets expensive quickly! That’s why homeowners and professional groundskeepers invest in their own aerating equipment. In today’s blog, we’re breaking down approximate lawn aerator prices for different size equipment!

At TurfTime, we build elite-quality grounds maintenance equipment for both homeowners and professionals. Our aerators are built to last a lifetime, while creating the most beautiful turf you’ve ever seen. Keep reading to see the average lawn aerator prices — or reach out right now to talk to an expert!

Average Lawn Aerator Cost

The main factors that determine lawn aerator cost are its size and additional accessories. While the size and the add-ons can vary, with TurfTime, the quality stays consistent across the board. Check out our three main classes of aerators and the average lawn aerator prices:

lawn aerator cost Estate Series Aerator: Approximately $1,000

Our entry-level aerator is the perfect solution for homeowners looking to have the most gorgeous lawn on the block. This smaller sized aerator (well under 200 pounds) is also a superb choice as it can be pulled by an ATV, a 4-wheeler, or a riding tractor. The width of this aerator is either 54” or 66” and both come with 60 coring spoons. Compared to the price of having a landscaper aerate your lawn multiple times a year, investing in this model pays off that initial lawn aerator cost in a hurry! Plus, you can pay the price tag off even sooner by renting it out to your neighbors!

pro series lawn aerator prices Pro Series Aerator: Approximately $2,500

This mid-sized aerator is primarily used by professional landscapers and groundskeepers at a wide range of different facilities. However, some homeowners with particularly large lawns choose this option instead. Boasting a width of up to 105” with up to 120 spoons, this lawn aerator is a great option for tackling larger lawns and fields efficiently. However, due to the larger size and weight of the equipment, a tractor is needed to use this equipment. This mid-sized aerator is a great choice for professionals who have a large area to tackle but want to keep the initial lawn aerator costs down.

advantage series lawn aerator cost Advantage Series Aerator: Ranging from $5,000 to $6,000

Our largest and most efficient aerator, the Advantage Series is the gold standard of powerful lawn ground aeration. Used on golf courses and large athletics fields, it works quickly and provides the most effective aeration. This aerator comes with a width of up to 144” and is equipped with a 65-gallon tank. On top of that, this model comes with the deepest aeration from our specialty tines for sports fields and golf courses. Plus, the Advantage Series makes it easy to switch between coring spoons and tines with ease. While the lawn aerator price is higher than the other models, the performance can’t be beat — the Advantage Series aerator is an investment worth making!

Key Aerator Upgrade and Cost

While the main factors determining the cost of a lawn aerator are the size of the machine and the blades, there are other features that can increase the price, too. Adding an extra rotor and the ability to switch between the four main tine options (coring, fracture, slicing, and fine) are other popular upgrades. These add-ons can increase the lawn aerator cost by $2,000. However, if you have additional needs for custom options or upgrades, please reach out to inquire about our other upgrades.

At TurfTime, we talk a lot about aerator quality — see the 5 traits all the best lawn aerators have!

Get Exact Lawn Aerator Prices

Simply put, a lawn aerator is one of the greatest tools for having gorgeous and healthy grass. That’s why they are an in-demand piece of equipment for both homeowners and professionals. At TurfTime, we make affordable and effective lawn aerators available to you at a wide range of price points. If you’re ready to bring one to your grounds or home, you’re in the right place. Simply reach out right now to get exact lawn aerator prices — and to place your order!

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