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Why You Should Overseed Your Lawn

My neighbor once suggested overseeding my lawn. At first, I was insulted because I thought he was saying that I should ‘oversee’ my lawn – in a way he was! I had never heard anything about how to ‘overseed’ a lawn.

The truth was my lawn had become pretty sparse due to the dry summer and the normal wear and tear of my children enjoying the outdoors. When my neighbor clarified and explained the process of overseeding, it made perfect sense. Overseeding is a simple process with huge benefits for a lawn’s overall health.

In this blog, we’ll discuss what overseeding is, the best time of year to overseed and the many benefits. By the end, you’ll know everything you need to about this simple lawn care technique!

What Is Overseeding?

Overseeding is the process of planting grass seed into an existing lawn to thicken it up, improve its overall health, and prevent future problems. Overseeding is different from starting a new lawn from scratch because you already have grass in place. You’re just adding more grass seed to help fill in any bald spots or thin areas.


When is the Best Time to Overseed Your Lawn?

If you’re looking to give your lawn a boost and ensure a luscious, green space come spring, overseeding in the fall is key – specifically between September and October. The cooler temperatures and moderate rainfall will help ensure that new grass seedlings will have the best chance to germinate and take root. And, since your lawn will be growing less during the fall months, you won’t have to mow as often, giving the new grass its best chance to become fully established.

Many times, overseeding is done in conjunction with aeration. Aerating is the process of making small holes in your lawn to allow oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the roots of your grass. Overseeding before aeration helps the new seed to establish itself in the small holes.


3 Benefits of Overseeding Your Grass

Most of the benefits of overseeding are pretty obvious (and mentioned above!), but there are a few aspects you might not be aware of:

1. Overseeding Creates a Fuller, Lusher, More Beautiful Lawn

One of the most obvious benefits of overseeding your lawn is that it will become fuller and lusher. As your grass starts to fill in any thin or bare spots, you’ll see a noticeable difference in its overall appearance. Not only will your lawn look beautiful, but it will also be better equipped to handle foot traffic.

2. Overseeding Helps to Prevent Weeds

Overseeding also has the added benefit of crowding out potential weed growth. By planting new grass seedlings in any bare or thin spots, you’re essentially filling up any space where weeds could potentially take root. In turn, this will help to prevent future weed problems in your lawn.

3. Overseeding Improves Your Lawn’s Overall Health

Overseeding not only helps to improve the appearance of your lawn, but it also helps to improve its overall health. By filling in any bare or thin spots, you’re increasing the amount of grass blades present, which in turn helps the lawn to better protect itself against disease and pests. In addition, overseeding helps to improve your lawn’s ability to retain water, which is essential during periods of drought.

So why not give overseeding a try this fall? Your lawn will thank you!

Top Dressing Machine from TurfTime

Overseed Your Lawn with a TurfTime Equipment Topdresser

Now that you’ve read through the story of my little lawn adventure, you won’t be caught unaware when someone mentions overseeding to you. When you’re ready to ‘oversee’ the overseeding of your lawn, the best way to do it is with a TurfTime Equipment Topdresser!

TurfTime’s topdressers are designed specifically for the task of overseeding lawns, and they make the process quick, easy, and efficient. With a topdressing attachment, your tractor can do the work of multiple people in a fraction of the time – and your lawn will be all the better for it!

If you have any questions about overseeding or topdressers, contact TurfTime Equipment today!

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