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Essential Groundskeeping Equipment

essential groundskeeping equipment

The first time I ran afoul of commercial groundskeeping equipment was the time I had one of my best-ever rounds of golf going, and arrived at the 16th hole to find that it was the one where they had started to aerate the greens. It’s good to know exactly what groundskeeping equipment can do, and although I was unaware before I strode up to the green, I soon found out that an aerator introduces tiny holes into the surface of the green, so as to help it ‘breathe’ better, i.e. to introduce more oxygen into the soil underneath. Needless to say, I was thrown for a loop and 3-putted that green, as well as the two remaining greens for the day. I love the fact that my favorite course takes such good care of its greens, but I wasn’t quite as thrilled about being on the course while they were doing it that day.

The Most Important Commercial Groundskeeping Equipment

For someone who might be considering a career in commercial groundskeeping, there are several pieces of equipment which are fairly essential to the job. Here’s a rundown of some of the most important pieces of agriculture equipment and groundskeeping equipment you might need:

  • Commercial lawnmowers abound in the marketplace, and the one you choose will be a function of the size of jobs you expect to take on. For instance, you wouldn’t need as big a commercial lawn mower for mowing residences as you would for athletic fields and large-sized areas. In either case, you’ll probably want to choose a riding mower with a floating deck, especially if there are any hills you will be going over with your machine.
  • Spreaders are important for fertilizing and for dispersing seed over a broad area.
  • Sprayers come into play when it’s necessary to attack weeds, especially in locations which are difficult to get at. These are both fairly small items, but they can be of enormous value when you’re involved with maintaining large areas.
  • Trimmers are also very important when you want to keep an attractive appearance for the area that you’re maintaining, and to make sure that edges aren’t allowed to grow wild and look unkempt.
  • If you’re going to do work involving golf courses or similar venues, you will have to invest in a fairway roller. A fairway roller is generally rolled over the surface of all fairways on a golf course early in the season when the ground is still soft and can be shaped. Running a heavy duty roller over the top of it will smooth out the fairways, so they’re not bumpy and can allow for golf balls to go skipping down the fairway over an even surface.
  • You already know the purpose of aerators, and they are especially important because the grass growing on greens is always of a more delicate variety than fairway or rough grasses are, and that means they require careful management.
  • You may also want to invest in a commercial de-thatcher/verti-cutter, and these are perfect for heavy-duty de-thatching of baseball diamonds, large sports complexes, and of course fairways on a golf course.
  • If you know you’re going to be involved in grooming baseball diamonds, you may want to invest in a high-quality infield groomer, which is used to ensure that the infield surface is smooth and free of bumps. This is necessary because it’s desirable to avoid the bad hops and bounces that a baseball might take on an infield if it weren’t carefully groomed and made as level as possible.

The Best Commercial Groundskeeping Equipment

I know that my favorite golf course likes to use equipment from Turftime Equipment, and usually sometime in April, I can expect to see the huge 21-ft. heavy-duty fairway roller from Turftime out on the fairways, helping to level them off for play during the coming season. When I see the fairway roller while I’m playing, I always appreciate that, because it works to my advantage in keeping those fairways more level so I can get the maximum roll when I hit my driver.

Commercial groundskeeping equipment

Groundskeeping Equipment from TurfTime

Turftime also offers a number of de-thatchers and aerators in their line of commercial groundskeeping equipment, and as far as I’m concerned they’re all solid gold, because they all help to keep the golf course looking great, and able to support great play from all the area golfers. I’ve learned to inquire about the days when they might be aerating the greens now, so I never have a good round impacted by it anymore. And that means I can just play my game, and let them use all that great equipment to keep my course in great playing shape, so I can enjoy myself to the utmost. If you’re interested in a machine from TurfTime Equipment, give us a call at 800-201-1031 or fill out a form today!

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