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What is a Verticutter?

Versatile Verticutting machine

We have all heard the phrase “Let your lawn breathe,” but what really goes into making that happen? As any head groundskeeper knows, keeping grass and turf healthy can be a constant struggle. Many groundskeepers use a wide array of tactics using various pieces of equipment such as aerators or top dressers. One piece of equipment that is essential to any fleet is a verticutter. Weekend warriors taking care of their home lawns may not require a heavy duty verticutter; however, it can be one of the most important pieces of equipment for anyone caring for a golf course, baseball facility, or any other large sports complex.

How Verticutters Work

Verticutting is a term not known by many outside of the turf care industry. Also known as vertical mowing, verticutting involves removing thatch buildup on grass. Thatch is a layer of soil made up of shoots, stems and roots.  Getting rid of thatch which allows the turf to breathe easier and better absorb important nutrients. In addition, the process gives the turf a better opportunity to soak in moisture. Since the layer of thatch can exceed a half-inch, it can eat up the water, air, and nutrients that your turf needs to stay healthy. Using a TurfTime Verticutter will help alleviate this problem and keep your lawn looking fresh!

What is a Verticutter Used For?

Using a verticutter comes with a huge list of benefits. Listed below are some benefits when using a verticutter:

  • Improving soil health: when thatch is built up, it can steal away the necessary components of healthy soil (air, water, nutrients). Using a verticutter to remove thatch will ultimately lead to more nutrient-rich soil and a healthier lawn
  • Improving drainage: when a large layer of thatch builds up, your turf’s drainage typically suffers. De-thatching your yard is a great way to improve drainage, as water can more easily drain below the surface layers
  • Promotes long term health of the turf
  • Creates a healthier, more lush lawn

These, along with others, help make up the array of benefits that come with using a verticutter.

Verticutting Techniques, Tips, & Tricks

For some, using a verticutter is a new experience. Here are a few helpful tricks that will help you get the most out of using your verticutter:

  • When verticutting on a golf course, it’s recommended to cut shallower on the greens and deeper elsewhere. For example, if you’re cutting your fairways a half inch, you should cut your greens at approximately an eighth inch.
  • Frequency and time of the year can depend on weather conditions and grass type. A good rule of thumb to follow is to lightly verticut once a week during the growing season and as needed throughout the rest of the year.
  • Be patient! Being too aggressive with your verticutting can sometimes do more harm than good.
  • When you are verticutting regularly, it is important to continue to implement your typical practices of mowing and rolling. This will give you the best chance of having full, healthy turf throughout your facility.

Heavy Duty Verticutters

Here at TurfTime Equipment, we have several models of verticutters to choose from. We take pride in offering some of the best machines on the market for taking care of your turf. We pack our verticutters with a plethora of useful features that will help you get the job done right. For example, our verticutters come standard with a full floating hitch, allowing you to maintain consistent depth of cut. In addition, our equipment is versatile and can be used for both light cutting and deeper, more aggressive cutting.

Best Verticutter for Golf Course

Verticutters from TurfTime Equipment

For many people, using a verticutter is a new and exciting endeavor. Verticutters are the perfect addition to any groundskeeping equipment fleet. The topics discussed here are super valuable to know about when fighting against thatch in your turf. With regular verticutting, your turf will be full, lush, and most importantly, healthy! For best results, check out our line of verticutters here at TurfTime Equipment. A brand new verticutter may be the last piece of equipment you need to achieve the perfect lawn. Give us a call at 800-201-1031, or fill out a contact form to get started today!

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