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What is a Verticutter?

what is a verticutter

Professional groundskeepers know better than anyone: keeping grass and turf healthy can be a constant struggle. These elite teams employ a wide range of equipment and tactics to produce turf that is healthy enough to take a beating every football Sunday — yet still looks gorgeous for high-definition cameras. Some of the main pieces of equipment are aerators, top dressers, and verticutters. In this blog, we’re answering the question, “What is a verticutter?” and highlighting the key benefits! Verticutters (also called vertislicers) are a piece of equipment that uses vertical blades to remove thatch from the surface while leaving healthy grass intact.

At TurfTime, we’re a turf maintenance equipment company that builds the elite equipment that professional crews swear by. Today, our verticutting machines are taking center stage. Weekend warriors taking care of their home lawns may not require a heavy duty verticutter — however, it can be one of the most important pieces of equipment for anyone caring for a golf course, baseball facility, or any other large sports complex.

What is Verticutting?

what is verticutting

So, exactly what is verticutting and what benefits does it actually deliver to make it worth the investment of time and equipment? Also known as vertical mowing, verticutting is the process of using vertical blades to remove thatch buildup on grass. Getting rid of thatch allows the turf to breathe easier and to better absorb important nutrients. Since the layer of thatch can exceed a half-inch, it can eat up the water, air, and nutrients that your turf needs to stay healthy. In addition, the verticutting process gives the turf a better opportunity to soak in moisture. Using a TurfTime verticutter will help alleviate this problem and build a foundation for truly healthy grass plants.

Benefits of Using a Verticutting Machine

Now you have the answer to the question, “What is a verticutter” and know that it removes unwanted thatch. However, there are several other benefits when using a verticutter. Here are some of the additional benefits of a verticutting machine:

  • Improving soil health: When thatch is allowed to build up, it can steal away the necessary components of healthy soil (air, water, and nutrients). Using a verticutting machine to remove thatch will ultimately lead to more nutrient-rich soil and a healthier lawn.
  • Improving drainage: A large layer of thatch causes your turf’s drainage to suffer. De-thatching your yard is a great way to improve drainage, as water can more easily drain below the surface layers.
  • Creates a better root system: The process of verticutting encourages the grass roots to grow vertically rather than out to the sides. A vertical root system grows deeper into the soil, leading to lusher and stronger grass.
  • Prepares the turf for overseeding: Anther popular tactic for commercial groundskeepers, overseeding creates highly resilient turf. Vertislicing primes the ground to receive the extra seeds.
verticutting machine

These are the primary array of benefits that come with using a verticutter. Our equipment experts are always a resource to ask any questions you may have.

Verticutting Techniques, Tips, & Tricks

For some, learning what is a verticutter is new information and using one is a new experience. Here are a few helpful tricks that will help you get the most out of using your vertislicer:

  • When verticutting on a golf course, it’s recommended to cut shallower on the greens and deeper elsewhere. For example, if you’re cutting your fairways a half-inch, you should cut your greens at approximately an eighth-inch.
  • A good rule of thumb to follow is to lightly verticut once a week during the growing season and as needed throughout the rest of the year.
  • You can use your verticutting machine frequently to ensure the thatch has been removed fully and maximize the benefits.
  • When you are using a verticutter regularly, it is important to continue to implement your typical practices of lawn rolling.

Shop Verticutters from TurfTime Equipment

For many people, using a verticutter is a new and exciting endeavor. Verticutters are the perfect addition to any groundskeeping equipment fleet. This is the one machine you need to ensure that thatch poses no risk to the turf you’ve worked so hard to grow. With regular verticutting, your turf will be full, lush, and most importantly, healthy! For the best results, check out our line of verticutters here at TurfTime Equipment.

From aerators to dump trailers and vertislicers, we take pride in offering some of the best machines on the market for taking care of your turf. We specifically design all of our equipment to make a difference in the way that real people work. Our verticutters boast a plethora of useful features that will help you get the job done right. In addition, our verticutting machines come standard with a full floating hitch, allowing you to maintain consistent depth of cut. A bonus advantage: our equipment is versatile and can be used for both light slicing and deeper, more aggressive cutting.

Reach out right now to ask us any questions or to place your order!

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