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How to Overseed Your Lawn

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The first time my neighbor suggested overseeding my lawn, I was insulted because I thought he was saying that I should ‘oversee’ my lawn, and I had never heard anything about how to overseed your lawn. The truth is, my lawn had become pretty sparse due to the dry summer, and the wear and tear of the kids constantly playing outside on it. He explained to me that overseeding grass is the simple process of spreading grass seed over an existing lawn, usually for the purpose of filling in gaps, or strengthening grassy areas which are struggling for whatever reason. When my neighbor clarified and told me about reseeding your lawn, it made perfect sense to me, so I hurried on down to my neighborhood Outdoor Store, and picked up some grass seed.

Overseeding in Fall

Overseeding in the fall is the best time for the project, especially in the northeast, since the soil would still be warm at that time, but without the oppressive heat of summer. The cool evenings will still provide optimal growing conditions for grass, while the days would simply be somewhat warm.

Before starting the overseeding process, you need to mow the grass in the area making sure to cut it at a low setting, so the seeds have a chance to reach the ground before spreading them. Then bag up the clippings, so they won’t be an obstacle to the new seeds reaching the ground.

Overseeding Tips & Tricks

Overseeding can be a tricky process, especially if this is your first time. It’s a good idea to rake your lawn after mowing and bagging the clippings. This way, you can remove all the dirt and debris, and loosen the soil somewhat, so it would be more receptive to the seedlings.

The best approach is to use a grass seed product which combines the seed, fertilizer, and soil improver all in one. When choosing the right machine for the job, the GT-100 Top dresser from TurfTime Equipment is perfect for spreading any kind of material over your lawn. After the reseeding operation, it’s important to water the area and make sure that the lawn stayed moist for the first two or three weeks after the seeds were spread.

Top Dressing Machine from TurfTime

Benefits of Overseeding Your Grass

Some of the benefits of overseeding are pretty obvious, but there are a couple you might not be aware of as well. For instance, overseeding grass keeps younger, fresher grass in place, and that makes it much more resistant to disease, pests, and infection. Most homeowners, and school facilities as well, will discover that it’s less expensive to conduct maintenance on lawns which have been overseeded, because there’s less pesticides, water, and fertilizer required by those lawns.

You may not have thought about this, but reseeding your lawn can also make it much more resistant to erosion. If you live in an area that gets lots of rainfall, this could be an important thing for you, because rainfall has a way of loosening up soil, and causing it to be transported away. When you have a thick, vibrant covering of grass over the area around your home or school, that grass holds the soil in place, and pretty much prevents erosion from occurring.

Then of course, there’s the obvious benefit of how your lawn will appear, which is much thicker and greener, and much more alive than it was before. There are all kinds of forces at work that operate to degrade your lawn, especially dry and hot conditions, and overseeding can counteract that to a large degree.

Overseed Your Lawn with a TurfTime Equipment Topdresser

Now that you’ve read through the story of my little lawn adventure, you won’t be caught unawares when someone mentions ‘overseeding’ to you, and you won’t misinterpret it as a lack of supervision. Now you’ll know that there are some impressive benefits provided by overseeding, and that some go well beyond simply improving the appearance of your lawn. You should also be aware of the best approach to overseeding your lawn, including all the little tips which make it more successful. Finally, be sure to use your Turftime Equipment top dresser machine, to make the job as easy and hassle-free as possible, if not downright enjoyable. Check out our online selection and give us a call at 800-201-1031, or fill out a contact form!

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