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Baseball Field Maintenance Tips & Tricks

After spending an entire week at trying to conduct perfect baseball field maintenance in my first professional job, I remember being completely crestfallen when on the day of the big game, it rained cats and dogs. This discussion will focus on the techniques I have learned since that first disappointing rainout, which you can use as a groundskeeper to maintain your baseball field in a safe and very playable condition. Some of these tips involve the proper usage of baseball field maintenance equipment, and some are centered more on-field preparation techniques, but all of them will help you to keep the playing field prepared for that next big game.

How to Maintain a Baseball Field

Maintaining a baseball field effectively over a long period of time depends a lot on keeping detailed records of all the maintenance carried out on it. While it’s important to identify the tasks you’ve performed on the playing field, you also have to maintain an equipment log for all the equipment used in field preparation. You should jot down those days when you have used baseball field maintenance vehicles, and any other specialized tools like infield drag equipment, so you’ll know exactly how your field has been prepared. If you’ve used any fertilizer or pesticide applications they should also be noted.

Baseball field maintenance equipment from TurfTime Equipment

Using the Best Baseball Infield Grooming Machine

By regularly dragging your skinned infield, you should be able to keep it in consistently safe playing shape. There are many different kinds of drags you can use as part of your infield drag equipment, and you should be aware of when to use each one. The Triple Play 60 Infield Groomer from TurfTime Equipment is a great choice, and will keep your playing field looking like a professionally manicured baseball field. Whichever equipment you decide on, keep it in good running order, and ready to spring into action whenever it’s needed. Here are some other helpful tips to improve your baseball field maintenance and upkeep:

  • Master the correct technique: It’s very important to keep the base paths in good condition, making sure they are smooth and level for base runners. Obviously you should never rake horizontally across the base path, because that can cause dips to form, and it also goes against the direction of runners. You should always rake in the direction of the next base, e.g. from first base to second base. Use your baseball infield grooming machine to make a single pass over wet ground, rather than raking it multiple times, and creating an inconsistent and mushy surface.
  • Know the proper hole-filling technique: Inevitably, holes will develop on the playing surface of your baseball field, and in order to keep the surface area safe for all players, it’s important that you understand the part of baseball field maintenance related to filling these holes. First of all, you’ll need to brush away any loose material which has accumulated in the hole, then you’ll need to add in some dirt or packing clay. Next you should add in some water, and then tamp the entire mixture solidly in the place. When you take this approach, you’ll have a solution that will last for a relatively long period of time, perhaps even permanently. If you simply put dry material into any holes that pop up on the baseball field, that will probably break down as soon players become active on the field again
  • Walk over the field daily: It’s really important that you take a walk around the entire baseball field every day if it’s at all possible, including both the infield and the outfield in your inspection. This will alert you to any hazards which have developed since the last game was played, and you should immediately spot things like holes, lips, ruts, trash, and any standing water in puddles. You should also check out your baseball field maintenance equipment and your baseball field maintenance vehicles daily to make sure they’re in good running order, and that they are ready to go into service at a moment’s notice. By doing these things, you can be much better prepared for a safe game of baseball to be enjoyed by all players, and if any field dressing is needed on the spot, you’ll be confident that your equipment is up to the task.

Baseball Field Maintenance Equipment from TurfTime

Rainouts like I experienced on my very first day as groundskeeper for our town baseball field will happen all the time, but if you keep your baseball field prepared beforehand, and inspect for any damage immediately afterward, your playing surface should always be ready to go. Make sure your infield drag equipment is always ready for action, and if you don’t have a good baseball infield grooming machine, you should contact us at Turftime Equipment to find the perfect machine for your field.

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