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Stone Buriers: Uses, Tips, & Best Practices

stone buriers

Stone Buriers. You may have heard of them, but you might not be sure what exactly they’re used for. It can be easy to assume their purpose, given their name, but what do they really do? While building your fleet of turf maintenance equipment, you may want to consider this often forgotten—and often misunderstood piece of equipment. Many big-name golf courses, sports facilities, and more use stone buriers on a regular basis for their soil preparation. Read on to learn about the importance and uses of stone buriers, and why you should add one to your field maintenance arsenal.

What is a Stone Burier?

As all groundskeepers and turf managers know, stony soil can be a huge problem. It can hurt healthy soil growth and even damage your equipment. That’s where stone buriers come in. As the name implies, stone buriers help bury stones that are lowering your grass density and making your turf appear less full. This is essential to seed bed preparation for things like greenhouses, sports fields, golf courses, and more. Stone buriers help create a homogeneous upper layer, providing the correct starting point for new grass growth.

Stone buriers work by using a reverse drive tiller to dig into the ground. This elevates the soil, rocks, and debris over the tilling rotor. The soil, rocks, and debris are then thrown against the screening bar behind the rotor, separating the fine soil from the rocks and debris. In turn, this forces the rocks and debris to the bottom of the till depth while the fine soils pass through the screening bar. Here, the leveling board then spreads the fine soil smoothly over the rocks and debris. Finally, a packing roller is used to smooth the soil and prepare it for the task at hand.

What are Stone Buriers Used for?

Stone buriers are used for a variety of functions, more so than just the process described above. Here are some other common stone burier functions:

  • Soil and seed milling
  • Soil and seed separation
  • Break up large clods of earth
  • Saves time and money on soil preparation

Contrary to what some people may think, you do not need rocky soil to use a stone burier. If you are simply looking for a tool to smooth your soil, these will work great. Using one of these machines on your turf is a great way to get a start on new soil preparation. The starting phases of your soil preparation process can make or break your entire project, and therefore must be done correctly. When you use a stone burier, you can save yourself time, money, and headaches.

Forigo Stone Buriers at TurfTime Equipment

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