TT-2410 and TT-2430 Advantage Topdressers

TT-2410 Topdresser for Sports Fields
TT-2410 topdresser with  Honda engine
TT-2410 Topdresser manuel hydraulic controls
TT-2430 Topdresser 4 wheel Chassis 3.5 cubic yard unit
TT-2430 Topdresser     3.5 to 4.5 cubic yard topdresser
TT-2410 Topdresser for Golf Course Maint.
TT-2430 Topdresser for Parks & Rec.
TT-2410 Top Dresser
TT-2410 Top Dresser
TT-2430 Topdresser with side extensions 4.5 Yard unit

Top quality mid sized top dresser saves time and money!

TurfTime Equipment's TT-2400 Series mid-sized Topdressers are of superb quality,designed to save time and money on turf maintenance when applying compost, sand and soil amendments. Used on golf greens, fairways, approaches, aprons and fringes, sports complexes, ball fields, horse tracks, and sod farms or race tracks, this top quality machine spreads topdressing materials very quickly, in wet or dry conditions. 

It is large enough to efficiently apply top dressing to playing fields, yet still agile in smaller spaces. 

Standard wide turf tires make the ADVANTAGE TT-2400 series as "light on the turf" as any spreader available.

Fast Topdressing Times - Power Options

Before you buy a topdresser look at TurfTime Equipment high quality versatile  line of spreaders. Ask about power options and choice of controls. Save time and money with the fastest top dresser in the business.

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TT-2410 Pull Type

TT-2430 Pull Type


Std. Tractor or Vehicle Plug-In Hydraulics

Opt. Honda 13 HP engine driven hyd. Pump or PTO Hyd. Drive


Std: Manual adjust Belt and Spinner Speed Controls

Opt: EZ-Set Vehicle Mounted Electronic Controls for all spreading adjustments

Hopper Capacity

1 Ydsᵌ Struck

1.5 Ydsᵌ Heaped

Opt: 12" Sides 2.5yd3

3 Ydsᵌ Struck

4 Ydsᵌ Heaped

Opt: 12" Sides 5yd3

Hopper Width

36” across top

25” across bottom

48” across top

25” across bottom

Hopper Length

84" at top

72" at bottom

96" at top

84" at bottom

Hopper Depth 18” or 30" w/ 12" sides 31” or 43" w/ 12" sides
Loading Height 55” or 67" w/ 12" sides 71'' or 83" w/ 12" sides
Tire Size

26.5-14-12 Turf Tires

Opt: 33-18LL-16.1

41-18LL-22.5  Turf Tires

Opt: Four Wheel - 26.5-14-12

Hopper Construction 11 ga. Welded Steel with Powder Coated Paint
Spinner System

Pin-On Fixed Spinners

Twin disc able to spread from 6’ Heavy to 40’ Light patterns

Metering Gate

(24” wide 10” high opening) Std: Manual Pin Adjustment

Opt: EZ-Set Hydraulic Adjustment

Feed Belt Standard: 24” Crescent Top Belt with V - Guide
Hitch & Frame

Heavy Duty Square Tube Telescoping Tongue with Adjustable Clevis Hitch and Frame Transport Tie Downs

Topdressing Speed Up to 10 mph - Speed may vary depending on ground conditions
Transport Speed Up to 25 mph empty
Overall Dimensions

Height: 55”

Length: 138"

Width: 66"

Height: 71”

Length: 150"

Width: 79"

Weight 1500 Lbs. 2000 Lbs.
Warranty 3 Year Limited Warranty
Load Capcity TT-2410    8,000lbs.                             TT-2430 2 Wheel or 4 Wheel is 16,000 lbs.