TT-3050  5 to 6 cubic yard topdresser with 2 wheel chassis
TT-3050 filling bunkers with swivel conveyor
TT-3050 filling a TT-2075 with swivel conveyor
Large Green TT-3065 Topdresser by TurfTime Equipment
TurfTime Eq 3000 Series Topdresser

ADVANTAGE Topdressers -- The Right Equipment

TurfTime ADVANTAGE Topdressers have a range of .75 cubic yd. to 7.5 cubic yd. capacity.  Choose the size that's the best fit for your business or complex.  The long hopper of the ADVANTAGE Topdresser allows faster loading without spilling.  Select the right topdressing spreader for speed and maneuverability to spread compost, apply soil amendments and topdress with sand.  The TurfTime Equipment Topdresser IS an ADVANTAGE; use it anywhere - golf course, sports field, clay court or arena, beach, horse track, polo field, open spaces and naturalized areas.  Looking for the best topdresser to fill bunkers, sand-dress greens, apply compost and bio fertilizers, repair washouts, apply mulch to control erosion, level low spots, maintain paths and even grass runways and airstrips?  Whew!!!  Here it is!

Spread Wet or Dry Materials Without Bridging

TurfTime Equipment's high quality ADVANTAGE Topdressers are designed to spread wet or dry materials allowing a very light dusting or a heavy application. This machine is engineered to be the fastest topdressing spreader in the industry. The unique configuration of the belt and metering gate eliminates bridging and delivers a consistent flow of material to the largest spinners on any topdresser in the industry.  Like a drop spreader?  Adjust spinner and belt speeds to get a narrow drop application, or to broadcast the material over a wide area, all with the same topdresser. When you are into turf you need to be into TurfTime Equipment.