Forigo Stone Buriers

Forigo Stone Burier
Forigo Stone Burier with seed box
Forigo Stone Burier with crumbling basket
Forigo Stone Burier with crumbling basket
Forigo Stone Burier


One Pass Tillage

In most applications the Forigo Stone Burier is a one pass tillage machine. The Forigo stone burier is ideal for seed bed preparation in green houses, tilling sod farms, preparing ground for new sportsfield construction, renovation of turf covered areas on golf course fairways, aprons and approaches and in lawn and landscape applications.

Soil is elevated and leveled

The working process of the Forigo Stone Burier starts with a reverse drive tiller digging into the ground elevating the soil, rocks and debris over the tilling rotor, throwing them against the screening bars behind the rotor. The screening bars separate the fine soil from the rocks and debris, forcing the rocks and debris to the bottom of the till depth. The fine soils pass through the screening bars where

the leveling board spreads the fine soil smoothly over the rocks and debris.

Seed Bed fully prepared

Finally, a packing roller smooths the soil, preparing it for use as a fine seed bed.