Tips For Rolling Out A Grass Lawn

Tips For Rolling Out A Grass Lawn

You likely know that lawn rollers are ideal for maintaining or seeding a new lawn. They are also commonly used for the single purpose of preparing an open area for planting.  Many people take the time to roll out a grass lawn every spring to be an essential part of proper lawn maintenance.


How often a lawn should be rolled is up for debate, but there are some situations where rolling your lawn is a good practice:


  • Rolling a new lawn after seeding - If you are planning to grow your grass from seed, a garden lawn roller will help you achieve the ideal flat, even surface.
  • Rolling a new lawn after sodding- once the sod is laid, a lawn roller removes air pockets and ensures the roots are in contact with the soil beneath, which helps the sod become established.
  • After a turbulent winter, when fluctuating temperatures have caused some soil heaving
  • If your lawn has been made bumpy by animal tunnels and warrens


If you decide to roll out your lawn, It is a wise idea to use a lightweight roller. A heavy roller will compact the soil and only light weight is needed to accomplish the task anyway. Here are some other useful tips for rolling out your grass lawn:


  • Roll a lawn when the ground is damp but not soaked. If you roll out your lawn when it is soaking wet, it will likely lead to problem knows as soil compaction. When the soil is compacted, the grass cannot get the proper amount of water and air that it needs to thrive.
  • Spring is the most favorable month to roll out your lawn. In the Spring, most grass is coming out of dormancy. Also, the roots are growing quickly at this time of year.
  • Do not roll clay heavy soil. If you live in an area of the country where clay soil is present, skip the rolling. This type of soil is more likely to become compacted that other types of soil. Rolling clay soil will only cause damage.
  • Roll your lawn only when necessary. If you roll out a grass lawn too often, you will compact the soil and damage the lawn.


A lawn roller is a useful tool, but should not be a regular part of your landscape maintenance routine to avoid stress to your grass. Share this article with others who are interested in some tips for rolling out a lawn!