The Many Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization in Landscaping

The Many Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization in Landscaping

Your trees, shrubs, and lawns should get more beautiful and valuable
as each year passes. You never want your landscaping not to flourish
due to improper nutrition. It's an excellent idea to feed your trees,
shrubs, and lawns at least once a year.

Deep root fertilization, scheduled on a regular basis, helps improve and
protect your growing landscape investment. The nutrients in fertilizers
applied at the surface take a long time to reach the roots of plants. The
benefit of deep root feeding is that nutrients are quickly and directly
delivered to your trees and shrubs.

Here just some of the many benefits of deep root fertilization:

-Adds essential nutrients and microorganisms directly to the root

- Improved flowering, increased resistance to disease, and
increased ability to ward off insect attacks.

- Helps compensate for poor soil or less than ideal planting

- It benefits your lawn as well! The grass surrounding our trees and
shrubs compete for food, robbing many of the nutrients tree roots
need, especially over the winter months. Deep root fertilization
helps feed all of your landscaping during the colder months.

How is deep root fertilization done?
In general, deep-root fertilization provides nutrients through high-
pressure soil injections into the root system of your trees and shrubs. It's
fairly simple to get fertilizer to the needed spots, and as a bonus, your
grass will also prosper from deep root fertilization due to the grass's
roots being in such close proximity. The best part is that the nutrients
will stay and encourage root growth until springtime!

What time of year is best for deep root fertilization?

The Fall is the best season for deep root fertilization. According to
, when you fertilize in the Fall, you allow the shrubs
and trees to store up food as it sees fit for next year’s growth. We call
this a dormant feeding since above ground growth has stopped. But
underground these plants are not dormant at all. In fact, the roots are
very active (until the ground freezes) and will grab the fertilizer quickly.

Deep root fertilization of trees and shrubs is an excellent way to ensure
a long and healthy plant life, and it will help your lawn look great too.
The process feeds the roots directly ensuring all trees and shrubs
receive fertilizer equally.

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