It’s Spring! 7 Tips For Prepping Your Lawn For Spring

It’s Spring! 7 Tips For Prepping Your Lawn For Spring

We can all agree that the onset of spring is a beautiful time of year. Fresh air and
sunshine are usually enough to get homeowners ready for spring lawn chores.
The lawn chores aren’t hard, but they are essential, so your grass can have a
healthy, productive growing season.

Here are 7 Tips For Prepping Your Lawn For Spring:

1. Get the mower ready. Spring is the time to change the oil, air filter and
spark plug. Be careful to remove dirt and grass clippings, but make sure
you detach the spark plug wire beforehand. It might also be a great time to
purchase a new mower, as many stores have great discounts and
promotions in the spring.

2. Clean up the mess less from winter. Gather any twigs, branches or
other debris that has appeared over winter. This is a chore that your family
can do together, and a good break from technology!

3. Check for compaction. If your lawn is subject to high levels of traffic year
after year, it may eventually start to show signs of decline. In such cases,
your lawn is probably suffering from compacted soil. Lawn aerators are
the solution for a compacted lawn.

4. Consider overseeding. If your lawn is covered in bare patches due to
dog spots, and heavy traffic, you may need to apply grass seed to fill in
those bare patches. This solution is known as "overseeding lawns."

5. Test for soil acidity. Long winters can cause the pH levels in your soil to
become very acidic, which makes it difficult for most grasses to thrive. If
the acid level is too high, spread a thin layer of lime over your lawn. The
lime neutralizes the acid and makes the soil better able to support new
grass growth.

6. Deal with the weeds. If your lawn is prone to weeds, spring is an
excellent time to apply herbicides. It is much easier to get rid of weeds
before they have a chance to form than to deal with them once they have
fully matured.

7. Mow high. Adjust the mower deck to cut grass at the highest possible
setting for your lawn’s type of grass. The rule of thumb for mowing is to
remove only one-third of the total grass blade length at a time.
Everyone craves a beautiful grassy paradise as the weather warms up, and
these tips will help you achieve your lawn dreams.

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