How To Take Care of New Turf

How To Take Care of New Turf

Congratulations on laying fresh turf! Now that you have successfully laid your turf
field, you will need to care for it just like any other living thing. It’s always a good
idea to plan for watering needs before you plant your lawn. Insufficient water or
overwatering is the leading causes of new-lawn failure. Minimize play and foot
traffic on new lawns for at least three weeks.

Watering Your New Turf

Proper watering techniques are critical when you first lay down fresh turf. Be
cautious to NOT walk on the turf after you have watered it. Begin watering new
turf within a half hour after it is laid on the soil. Water twice a day, early morning
and late afternoon for two weeks. A trick is to lift one corner of the turf to ensure
the turf is moist all the way through and the soil underneath is also moist.
Since water in new turf does not spread, make sure you have covered every area
of it. For example, corners and edges are easily missed by many sprinklers and
are vulnerable to drying out faster than the center portion of your lawn. Also,
areas near buildings tend to dry-out faster because of reflected heat and may
require more water.

Mowing Your New Turf

Start mowing your lawn two to three weeks after it is installed. A good rule of
thumb is to wait until the grass has grown to a height of 3 or 4 inches. Set the
throttle of your mower on low to help prevent seedlings from uprooting. Then,
mow again a few days later to reduce the height. Repeat mowing once a week
from Spring to Autumn. With new turf, it’s ideal to use a mower with a grass
collector. Raking the clippings may damage the grass. For the best turf long
term, make sure your mower blade is regularly sharpened and don't ever let the
grass grow beyond a manageable height.

Weed and Feed New Turf

Make sure the turf is fertilized at least twice a year. This is usually done in Spring
and Fall. Use a lawn fertilizer and a selective weed killer as needed. Always use
the fertilizer at least two weeks before the weed killer. Read the instructions
carefully and don't use any more than the recommended amount.
Choosing to lay new turf is a big decision, and proper care in the initial stages will
lead to a healthy, lush-looking lawn. Keep in mind the needs of your new turf will
vary according to the time of year it's laid down and the weather where you live.

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