Green Groundskeeping: Is It Really Possible?

Green Groundskeeping: Is It Really Possible?

Green groundskeeping is more than a trend for field managers. It has always been the goal when running a good turf field maintenance program. Environmentally friendly, safe, playable fields are what all field managers, parents, and coaches want, but it is not always that easy. Budgets are forever decreasing, and the pressure to do more with less money is higher than ever. Field managers are always deciding how to trim costs without it impacting the quality of the field they manage. This is challenging as they are doing this while following local, state, regional, and national regulations. They also have to stay cognizant of the latest green movement and apply those discoveries to their field maintenance program when possible.


It is a known fact that organic fertilizers are good for the earth. They are renewable, biodegradable, sustainable, and environmentally friendly. However, they are usually much more effective seasonally and the output is not always what parents and coaches are looking for. The pressure to produce quality results fast, sometimes leads field managers to deciding on less sustainable options for field maintenance. In terms of fertilizer, less green options since as inorganic fertilizers work quickly and are far less expensive which often makes it the best choice in many localities.


With that said, there are ways to add environmental sustainability to a field management program. Efficient use of water and using adding attachments on field power equipment procedures can sometimes decreases the amount of times equipment needs to travel across a field.

You can also reuse sod from a worn area of the game field and move it to a less used area of a practice field. An older mower can be used as a backup unit and recycling initiatives can be part of the program. Having separate bins for cans and plastic bottles that are brought to the field or stadium is a simple way for your program to be greener.

In many cases, creating a completely green program has its challenges, but there are ways to make to a positive environmental impact with your turf field maintenance program.