5 Benefits of Using an Infield Groomer

5 Benefits of Using an Infield Groomer

Baseball fields are known for their beautiful green grass, but often the infield is
overlooked. It’s important that turf managers not to forget the infield, as caring for
all parts of a baseball facility keep things safe and looking great.

Plus, according to Grounds Maintenance magazine, about 70 percent of a
baseball game takes place on the dirt, so it needs to be in superb shape.

To keep things smooth and safe for players, regularly grade your infield. Some
field managers use a combination of a nail drag (to break up hard surfaces) and
a mat drag (to smooth and finish). However, a more powerful and professional
way to do this is to use an infield groomer.

Here are five benefits of using an infield groomer:

1. Proper drainage If the soil is packed too tightly water will not be able to drain
off the infield. Using an infield groomer along with the right kind of infield soil can
be critical in helping an infield drain properly.

2. Appearance Infield Groomers help make infields, base paths and warning
tracks consistently smooth, level and attractive.

3. Morale Using an infield groomer allows maintenance people to contribute
significantly to the game in their way. This may go unnoticed by spectators, but
players and managers alike will appreciate a properly maintained infield.
Shortstops in particular are trained to check out the dirt before the game starts.
They’ll check to see how the ball bounces and how compact the surface is.
Batters also appreciate a smooth surface while rounding the bases.

4. Safety Infield groomers provide the surface with enough flexibility to help
prevent injuries from falls, slides or even bad hops. There are often hard spots
under the surface that are rarely addressed with traditional rakes and drop-and-
drag attachments.

A professional infield groomer will eliminate hard and soft spots, as well as the
high and low areas on base paths and around bases.
5. Playability An infield groomer will allow your team to play more games, even
after challenging weather events. This will protect facility revenues and team

A poorly maintained infield can mean anything from canceled games from rainy
conditions to injuries from bad hops hitting a player in the eye. It’s the most
important part of a baseball field, and it deserves proper attention.

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