Triple-Play Infield Groomer; give fields a professional look, or rake sand, fine gravel, track mix




Ask About the Groomer LIFT KIT   Actuator allows operator to raise and lower groomer without leaving the tractor

We now offer an Electric Actuator Lift Kit for the 60-P and the 78-P as shown above. If you have purchased 60-P or a 78-P and would like to add the Electric Actuator Lift Kit for your 60-P or 78-P call us at 1-800-201-1031 or send us an email.


A Simple Infield Groomer  :

The simple but rugged design of the TurfTime Equipment Triple Play Infield Groomer makes it one of the best and most efficient tools for grooming infields.



An Infield Groomer to Replace Ugly Springs:


Keep your maintenance team happy, your players safe and your association proud with this great infield groomer by TurfTime Equipment. Easily and quickly remove debris, uproot invading grass, scarify, groom and level the infield for consistently safer play. Replace crude drag mats and bed springs.


A Professional Groomer at a Reasonable Price


Our Triple-Play groomer will loosen, level, smooth, and broom finish your infield for secure footing and ball bounce players expect at a very competitive price.


A Versatile Tool for Many Grooming Jobs:


Our groomers aren't just for the infield.  They are equally at home on a sandy beach or parking lot, and can smooth unpaved trails, horse tracks and driveways. 

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infield groomer also levels beach, trail, driveway, race track


Triple-Play 60 Infield Groomer

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 Triple-Play 78 Infield Groomer

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